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Crispy Adobo Silog Fried Rice Recipe

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Adobo is one of those food that always makes you think of home. We Pinoys have it several times a week with different ingredients and types of cooking. We have adobong manok, adobong pusit, adobo sa dilaw, or even adobong kangkong. If you search this website, you’d also find other quirky adobo recipes. (Wow, I haven’t even realized how many adobo recipes I have on the blog till now,)

So anyway, here’s another Adobo recipe for you! This is a great recipe when you’re hankering for a silog meal and a piece of home. This is a quick and easy version, when you have no leftover adobo to cook -aww, how can that be?! I used a Monterey Ready To Cook flaked adobo – because its easier for working moms like me. This way, my kids can still have the benefit of homemade -or half home made anyway. Lol. It doesnt matter because they taste crazy delicious!

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