Beef Morcon Recipe -Morcon ala Emilia


This Beef Morcon Recipe, lovingly called Morcon ala Emilia is a recipe shared by Chef Myrna Segismundo at the Maya Kitchen Cooking class for the Culinary Elite Series for her December Christmas menu. Beef Morcon

Beef Morcon Recipe -Morcon ala Emilia2021-08-26T12:50:37+08:00

How to cook Bistek Tagalog Recipe


Bistek is a funny name for a Filipino breakfast dish that comes from the English word beef steak. Its funny because it is not even close to traditional beef steak. But I'd choose this Bistek

How to cook Bistek Tagalog Recipe2020-11-07T20:09:09+08:00

Easy Beef Tapa Recipe (Tapa King)


Beef Tapa Recipe (Tapa King) One of my favorite beef tapa to order for delivery is the Tapa Queen of Tapa King. (I know that sounds weird but for non-Filipino readers but Tapa King is

Easy Beef Tapa Recipe (Tapa King)2020-11-07T20:09:10+08:00

5 Ingredient Easy Callos Recipe


Callos is a special dish that only gets prepared once a year at our house. It is actually very simple to make but has so many ingredients that you need to prepare. At the grocery

5 Ingredient Easy Callos Recipe2020-11-07T20:13:31+08:00

Easy Golden Japanese Beef Curry Recipe


Easy Golden Japanese Beef Curry Recipe At my place in Kapitolyo Pasig, we have a grocery that sells weird and wonderful things. They have Korean noodles, Thai chillies, Japanese milk tea, etc. One of them

Easy Golden Japanese Beef Curry Recipe2020-11-07T20:13:31+08:00

Flatiron Brisket 6 by Chef Vicki


A cheap beef cut cooked long and slow. Make sure to cook more so you have leftovers. These are even better the next day! TRIVIA: It's called Flatiron Brisket 6 because its made for Flatiron

Flatiron Brisket 6 by Chef Vicki2020-08-09T07:39:57+08:00
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