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Hot Beef Noodles: Taiwanese?! Chinese?! I don’t know but it’s 🔥

So, I’ve been looking for a copycat recipe the Caution Hot Noodles in Kapitolyo, Pasig but Google got me confused between Taiwanese Beef Noodles and Chinese Beef Noodles. It’s been so long since I tried it ever since we relocated to the province.

And since I was searching, Google is confusing me with the recipes. Now I’ve been trying to figure out the origins of hot beef noodles for ages and I’m still not 100% sure.  Is it Taiwanese? Chinese? Who even knows anymore?

All I know is that I made a batch last weekend using my new fave sauce, Dandan Sichuan Red Chili Oil Soy Bean Paste I got from Shopee, and wowza, it was amazing!

So from what I can gather, hot beef noodles (zhajiangmian) originated in Xuchang, a city in China’s Henan province. Makes sense because the Chinese love their beef noodles, amirite? But over the years, Taiwanese immigrants incorporated it into their cuisine too. Now you’ll find hot beef noodle soup shops all over Taiwan with the signature Dandan noodles, tender beef slices, and rich broth.

I hope that helped a bit to know where it came from but now all that matters is that it’s delicious!

As I was saying earlier, I was looking for the Caution Hot Recipe because someone from Let’s Eat Pare shared a picture, and poor me who’s from the province can’t satisfy the cravings. When I saw the Dandan sauce at Shopee I knew I had to try this hot beef noodle soup at home if only to satisfy my cravings.

That sauce is no joke – it packs serious heat but also tons of umami from the soy and chili. Made a simple broth with beef shank, star anise, ginger, vinegar, and laurel -there’s a lot I know but these are ingredients you can often find in the Filipino kitchen so not really a problem. Then added the noodles, and beef, and ladled that magic red elixir all over top. I used this Spicy Beef Noodle recipe from The Wok of Life with a bit of addition and omissions here and there to make it fit the Filipino Kitchen. 

Now let me set the scene for you – it was a rainy afternoon here on the island, perfect soup weather. I settled into the couch with my bowl, grabbed my spoon, and BAM…an explosion in my mouth! The richness of the beef fat just melted on my tongue. I used our famous Marinduque Miki and those noodles soaked up all the sauce. And don’t even get me started on that Dandan – each spicy, salty, numbing bite had me wanting more and more. Not as copycat as I hoped but as is with anything homemade, it was honestly better than the Caution Hot hot noodle soup in my memory.

So if you’re feeling down or need a pick-me-up noodles, this hot beef noodle soup is comfort in a bowl. And if you wanna spice it up even more, you gotta get your hands on some of that Sichuan pepper. Or you also gotta try this Donardo’s Chili Garlic Hot Sauce!

And it’s actually pretty easy to do and stock up -once you have the soup done. If you love soups, this will be your new go-to lazy meal. Trust Ajumma April! (err, sorry, that is a Korean reference, not Chinese or Taiwanese).

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  1. Omg, finally someone did it and shared! Can’t wait to try your recipe! I’ve had bouts of Caution! Hot cravings for months, but Pasig is a lil far from me, too. Thank yooouuu soooo much!

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