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Spaghetti ala Carbonara -Filipino Carbonara Recipe

Filipino carbonara recipe

I once attended a class by a French chef who waxed poetic about the authentic French carbonara, without cream. But I just can’t accept it. My mind is refusing to acknowledge the authentic carbonara as real carbonara. While it’s definitely a tasty dish, my tongue keep expecting the cream. Habit is really a strange thing. […]

How to make Pancit Palabok Recipe ni Mama Sita

Learn how to make pancit palabok without jumping thru the hoops. #easy #mamasitamix Jump to the recipe. There was a time I got addicted to pancit palabok. Seriously. In college, I would skip breakfast and lunch just so I can have dinner at Jolibee for its Pancit Palabok. Err, do not judge me please. Lol. […]

Pasta with Salted Egg Cream Sauce

It started with the Salted Egg Fried Chicken Recipe. And now, were on to another salted egg recipe.  This Pasta with Salted Egg Cream Sauce is creamy and a delight to the taste. The chili provided an extra kick and it was a nice change from the regular spaghetti. #pastalover I found the recipe along with […]