Tablea Chocolate Sauce


Transform traditional tablea into a chocolate sauce you can drizzle over ice cream, spread on pan de sal, slather over bananas and fruits or just eat on its own! On a whim, because we have

Tablea Chocolate Sauce2020-11-07T20:08:13+08:00

Maya Chocolate Fudge Orange Cupcake


This Maya Chocolate Fudge Orange Cupcake was shared by Chef Jessie's niece at the Culinary Elite Cooking Class at The Maya Kitchen for their Filipino Christmas Table.  I love cooking and I'm a very adventurous cook. I

Maya Chocolate Fudge Orange Cupcake2020-11-07T20:08:14+08:00

Chocolate Mousse Recipe by Chef Xavier Btesh


Chocolate Mousse Recipe You have a visitor coming over for dinner. The house is clean. There's wonderful and delicious food, but somehow, you forgot the dessert. The guests are coming but you still have roughly

Chocolate Mousse Recipe by Chef Xavier Btesh2020-11-07T20:09:09+08:00
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