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Tablea Chocolate Sauce

Tablea Chocolate Sauce
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Transform traditional tablea into a chocolate sauce you can drizzle over ice cream, spread on pan de sal, slather over bananas and fruits or just eat on its own!

On a whim, because we have no chocolate sauce and I wanted some on my pancakes, I thought I’d make some out of the tablea we have. I ground up some tablea, but there were some bits and pieces that did not get ground up. But this did not dissuade me. I figured Id suffer a bit just to have some chocolate.

Next time I’d try to grind them as fine as possible┬ábut it was alright too with the small bits of cocoa. It tasted somehow more real and I was glad I made it because these tableas were made by my father.

It was a bit nutty, and Arya said it tasted like coffee. :P

This chocolate sauce is excellent for gifting to friends and family too!

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