Quick and Easy Pork Stew


For lunch, I was looking for a "maiba naman recipe" for pork. I still had a kilo of Adobo cut from Monterey and I saw this pork stew recipe from Aling Oday's. I was actually

Quick and Easy Pork Stew2020-11-07T20:06:03+08:00

How to cook Igado


Learn how to cook Igado, the lowlander watered down version. This Igado recipe only uses pork and liver instead of with hearts and innards. Still as yummy! Igado is not for the faint of hearts,

How to cook Igado2020-11-07T20:09:09+08:00

Binagoongang Baboy Recipe


When people think of the Filipino Cuisine, they immediately think of Adobo, Sinigang, Sisig, etc. For me, there's the Binagoongang Baboy. What could be more Pinoy than that? :P Although I do have some beef

Binagoongang Baboy Recipe2020-11-07T20:09:09+08:00

How to Cook Afritada


How to Cook Afritada Afritada is a simple meat stew with potatoes, tomatoes, and carrots. Its very easy to make and quick to cook. It's a classic Pinoy dish of just put it together and

How to Cook Afritada2020-11-07T20:09:10+08:00
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