Pinoy Style Pork Katsudon


There are just so many recipes you can do with Katsudon. A couple of recipes back, I wrote Katsu Curry, now we're on to Pork Katsudon. Pork Katsudon is actually leftover Tonkatsu converted into an

Pinoy Style Pork Katsudon2020-11-07T20:10:31+08:00

Katsu + Curry = Love


I've written about both Katsudon and Curry before. They're both Japanese mainstay in my weekly menu.  What happens when you put them together? It's a marriage of both crunchy and currylicious. It's comfort food at

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Sinigang Rice with Crispy Liempo


Get the Sinigang flavor in your rice with this Sinigang Rice with Crispy Liempo. No Soup but still as tasty! Coming recently from a cook-off by Unilever Philippines dubbed Funlasang Pinoy because it aims to

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Pork Liver Steak Recipe


Pork Liver Steak brings me memories of early Sunday mornings. Along with Marinduque's version of kare kare, my mom would always buy this when she does her early Sunday market shopping so we can have

Pork Liver Steak Recipe2020-08-09T07:38:08+08:00
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