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Fish and Seafood

Seafood Tom Yum 

For  #FridayFast and #NoMeatFriday, I prepared a seafood recipe that is familiar to the Filipino palate yet different. It’s familiar because it’s something like our Sinigang, it’s a sour soup. Different because the Thai ingredients gives this soup a different flavor profile. Tom Yum is…


My Pinoy Soup List Comfort Food For the Rainy Season 

5 Pinoy Soup To warm you up this rainy season. Its August and raining almost everyday. Come home to these delicious soups to rest your tired soul, both from too much traffic and the gloom and doom outside. Here are my favorite soup at RelaxLangmom,…


Slow Cooked Pinapaitan Recipe 

With all the craziness of being a Blogger, a Virtual Assistant, a Web Designer, plus stay at home mom with no help or yaya, plus homeschool duties, friends are asking, how am I able to cope with all of that? Well, I admit, my house…


5 steps to quick Pinoy Chili con Carne  

I’m here again waxing poetic about my #foodmemories. Probably because of our long history with Mexico, a lot of my favorite food is Mexican -burritos, tacos, quesadillas, and of course, Chili Con Carne. Chili con carne is a warm comforting dish that’s great for feeding…

Carbs, Rice and Pasta

Mushroom Arroz Caldo Recipe 

My winning Mushroom Arroz Caldo Recipe. Jump to recipe. It’s been a rainy week and I was down with flu for the past days. For rainy days and specially when I’m sick, I’m always looking for comfort food. By stroke of luck, I was asked…


Hearty Chicken Sopas 

Light and Hearty Homemade Chicken Sopas (soup) made from #leftover roasted chicken. This comforting soup comes without the cream and calories! Jump to recipe.    Chicken Soup Recipe Ingredients: oil (for sauteing) Leftover chicken with bones 1 Chicken cube onion, quartered celery, chopped carrots (cut…

Fish and Seafood

Special Kinamatisang Bisugo Soup 

Looking for a special fish recipe for an occasion? This Special Kinamatisang Bisugo Soup is tasty, warm, comforting, and easy to make.    When I was young and living in the islands, Bisugo is one of the local fishes available that is cheap and tasty. It…


Pinoy Clam and Corn Soup 

This is a simple Pinoy Clam and Corn soup, not chowder and it doesnt have cream. Which is terrific if you’re like me whose trying to lose weight. Truth be told, I only did this recipe because I’m trying to avoid very rich food lately…