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Spaghetti Negra: Pasta in Black Squid Sauce and Aligue

Since it’s almost Halloween and I was thinking of a recipe that would inspire and give an idea for my mommy friends. I decided on Spaghetti Negra. As black as the night and your teeth when you eat it. Hahahaha. I am a fan of our Cavite squid ink pancit also called pansit pusit or […]

Easy Meal: Crispy Squid Recipe

My family loves anything crispy and fried. This crispy squid would disappear while I’m cooking. So it’s really better to prepare lots so we can still have some to eat after I’m done cooking. Crispy Squid Recipe *This is for a big batch. Great for a family Netflix party and goes well with beer! Ingredients: […]

How to cook Adobong Pusit (Recipe)

Since it’s Friday (when I cooked this), and we’re a bit tired of the usual Ginisang Monggo, I prepared squid instead. (Besides, I saw someone on my Facebook feed with the same lunch and I literally salivated over her Adobong Pusit. Pusit, or squid, is a great replacement for when you’re craving for Adobo but […]