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9 Apps Every Woman Needs To Get Her Sh*t Together In 2018

Wunderlist App

We’re all constantly on the journey of getting our sh*t together. When we start juggling one of the life’s curveballs, another ball drops out of the sky to mess everything up. Whether you miscalculated your menstrual period before a bae-cation or stood up your dinner date, tasks never quite sync up as masterfully as an […]

AI on your lock screen

Jarno M. Koponen Contributor Jarno M. Koponen is a designer, humanist and previously a co-founder of media discovery startup Random. More posts by this contributor: The next AI is no AI Your Algorithmic Self Meets Super-Intelligent AI For the last 10 years, news feeds have been the main way the mainstream user interface to discover interesting and […]

Much Needed Technology Examines Food Pics And Gives You Ingredients And Recipes

Snapping food pics is about to get more useful than ever, thanks to a new artificially intelligent technology developed by researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL). It’s called Pic2Recipe, and the algorithm is able to give you a list of ingredients and recipe recommendations for each food shot you take. Can […]