Save Time and Effort in the Kitchen with These Smart Kitchen Appliances

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As a mom who runs a cooking blog here in sunny Marinduque, I’m always looking for ways to streamline processes in the kitchen so I can spend more time with my family. With fresh, local ingredients readily available, cooking is a joy – but it can also be time-consuming to prep and cook meals from scratch every day.

That’s where smart kitchen appliances come in. As someone living far from the big cities, it’s not always easy to get the latest gadgets. But I’ve found a few tech tools that have really helped take some of the work out of mealtimes.

Smart Kitchen Appliance One – The Immersion Blender

If pureed potatoes or creamy soups seem like a slog, an immersion blender is the tool for you. This handheld helper allows you to blend directly in pots and pans, eliminating dirtying extra dishes. Simply submerge the wand and switch it on for a speedy smoothie. I love using mine to make easy mayo, salad dressings, or baby food with one touch. Say goodbye to transferring hot liquids and cleaning messy countertops. This is a must for hurried home chefs!

Of course if there’s no immersion blender, a good ole regular blender will do. I use mine daily for smoothies, dressings, sauces and more. The high-powered motor makes quick work of even fibrous ingredients. It allows me to incorporate more nutrients into my family’s meals with minimal effort. I’m also able to experiment with new recipes more freely since cleanup only takes a splash and a wipe.

Smart Kitchen Appliance Two – The Slow Cooker

Nothing nurtures nourishment like a slow cooker. On busy weekdays, I toss ingredients into my programmable pot before sleeping then wake up to a home-cooked feast with zero last-minute labor. Soups, stews, roasts and more become a cinch. As an added perk, slow cooking infuses meals with more moisture and flavor. Kids and husbands will beg for seconds, I promise. With eight hours of set-it-and-forget-it cooking, you’ll have more time for tunes or tales with the toddlers.

Smart Kitchen Appliance Three – The Food Processor

If chopping and dicing seem dull, a food processor is the gadget for you. This culinary contortionist can slice, shred, and mix with the simple press of a button. I rely on mine to make coleslaw, homemade hummus, even Nilupak na Saging or Cassava, and more in minutes rather than messing for much longer. Say goodbye to tedious tasks like grating mountains of cheese. Your friends will be impressed with gourmet goods created so quickly. Best of all, cleanup is a cinch since you only dirty one bowl.

Smart Kitchen Appliance Four – The Rice Cooker

Of course, this should hardly be on the list if you’re an Asian family. We’ve been using the rice cooker since the 80’s. For non users however, believe me when I say that for a fuss-free family fare, a rice cooker is a real rockstar. Simply add rice and water then let this electric wizard work its magic while you focus on other tasks. I love using mine to prepare fluffy grains like quinoa, farro, or use it for steaming siomai, and cooking other kakanin such as this Suman sa Lihiya or even this Rice Cooker Cake. It’s foolproof for perfect portions every time and keeps meals piping hot until serving. Best of all, the inner pot is non-stick for effortless cleanup. Say sayonara to scorched rice disasters! I no longer have to monitor the pot and risk burning the rice. It switches to “warm” mode automatically once rice is finished. No more worrying about perfectly timing it. The rice cooker frees up stove space for other dishes too.

Smart Kitchen Appliance Five – The Air Fryer

Craving crispy chicken or fries but don’t want the fat of deep frying? An air fryer is your answer. This appliance utilizes hot air to produce results nearly identical to deep-fried favorites with a mere fraction of the oil. I whip up everything from french fries to chicken tenders in my air fryer on a weekly basis. It’s less stressful with frying as you don’t have to stand around the stove too. The best part is minimal mess since food is not submerged. Your crew will gobble up the goodies while you relax. I use the Hanabishi Hafeo Air Fryer as the standard air fryers are too small for big families. For breakfasts, my air fryer/oven sees a lot of action. It has replaced my oven toater and freed more space in the kitchen. Whether it’s reheating leftovers, baking mini pizzas or whipping up easy french toast, it tackles tasks that would be inconvenient in a full-sized oven. The compact size is great for our smaller island kitchen. Cleanup is simple too! Which is why I love, love my Hanabishi Air Fryer. Convinced yet? Buy an air fryer today but first, see my air fryer reviews on which is the best here!

Smart Kitchen Appliance Six – The Instant Pot

As the queen of multicookers, the Instant Pot is my most prized smart kitchen appliance in the kitchen. This versatile wonder can slow cook, pressure cook, sauté, steam, and more. On hectic days, I toss in ingredients and let this pot do the work whether it’s fluffy rice, pulled pork, chili, or oatmeal.  It cuts cooking time down dramatically so dinner is ready that much faster. The IP has expanded my cooking skills since dishes that would normally require constant stove monitoring come together with just the press of a button. Cleanup is a cinch since the inner pot is non-stick. Best of all, you can prepare entire meals in under an hour. Say goodbye to hour-long simmering sessions – your Instant Pot has you covered!


Naturally there are still many dishes where nothing beats good old hands-on preparation. But these smart appliances have become invaluable members of my kitchen team. From streamlining meal prep to expanding my recipe repertoire, they’ve helped take a lot of stress out of putting healthy, homemade food on the table night after night. If you’re looking for low-effort ways to spend more quality time with family, I highly recommend adding at least one multifunctional gadget to your cooking arsenal.

Do you have any other favorite smart tools that have become indispensable in your kitchen? Share in the comments below! And be sure to sign up for my newsletter to get more recipe and appliance recommendations delivered straight to your inbox each month. You’ll also get early access to my upcoming eCookbook with 50 streamlined dinner ideas for busy families.

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