The Best Grilled Octopus – Recipes and Tips to Make This Delicious Seafood Dish!

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The Best Grilled Octopus - Recipes and Tips to Make This Delicious Seafood Dish! 1

How To Make The Best Grilled Octopus

Being an island girl. I grew up eating octopus, so it’s weird for me that some people are queasy over eating it. Perhaps it’s because when you think of it, the image that comes to mind is one of the slimy tentacles and a rather unappetizing appearance!

However, once you get past its ‘eighth tentacle’ appearance (Get it?!) and give it a try, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

For those unfamiliar with this sea creature, octopus is basically a type of cephalopod mollusk with eight arms and two tentacles. There are 400 different species of octopus found in saltwater. They are known for their excellent camouflage ability and curious nature. In fact, they are one of the most intelligent invertebrates out there! (Scientists are even claiming that they’re sentient! OMG! 😭

Why Should You Try Grilled Octopus?

For starters, octopuses are very nutritious! They have more Vitamin B12 than salmon and other fatty fish! It also contains Vitamin B6 and niacin, along with healthy amounts of zinc, iron and selenium. That’s not all, though! Octopus flesh is also high in protein, low in calories and has very little fat content. It also has more potassium than bananas and has a low level of sodium.

And that’s not to mention it also has a high iron content, which is great for your immune system! Octopus is also very flavourful and delicious, especially when grilled! It’s also extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of different dishes. You can pair it with vegetables, potatoes or even pasta! You can also put it in a sandwich or taco, or make a delicious casserole with it! There are so many different ways to enjoy this seafood dish.

How to pick the best octopus?

Now that you know more about octopus, you might be wondering how to pick the best octopus. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing one. First of all, when buying octopus, make sure to look for unbroken pieces. First, make sure that the octopus has no broken or tender tips. Second, check if it has a pleasant smell. It smells briny. Also, make sure that the color of the octopus is reddish to purplish. Avoid any pieces that are extremely soft or squishy, as this may be a sign that the octopus is not fresh anymore.

Tips before Grilling Octopus

Clean it thoroughly by massaging it with salt then putting under running water. Remove the eyes, entrails, and beak, and section the octopus if it is very large. Octopus flesh is far tougher than the flesh of other cephalopods like squid or cuttlefish so chefs worldwide have come up with different strategies for tenderizing the flesh. What I did here is to pressure cook it according to Serious Eats Pressure Cooker Octopus Recipe for 15 minutes (for a kilo of octopus).

How to grill octopus?

Grilled Octopus is very tasty and easy to make. Cut the octopus into large pieces. Octopus pieces are marinated with olive oil, lemon juice, and some herbs. Then they are grilled on an open fire or in a grill. Yummm. ( I did just grill it inside but it was just as yummy!)

Simple Seasoning for Grilled Octopus

You can also season grilled octopus with salt and pepper. Or make a salt and pepper mix and mix it with fresh parsley leaves, garlic, olive oil and lemon juice. For a more Spanish recipe, you can add paprika, oregano or red chilli flakes to it -carpaccio style. For octopus pasta, add grated Parmesan or Pecorino cheese to it. To make it creamy, add crème fraîche or mayonnaise to the dish. You can add grated carrots, celery, and capsicum for a Midditeranean salad-style recipe.

Tips to make grilled octopus even more delicious!

– Marinate it in lemon juice and olive oil. This will not only make the octopus more flavourful, but it will also tenderise it.

– If you want to add some more herbs to the recipe, try bay leaves, thyme, rosemary or oregano. Or you can even try parsley or basil!

– Grilled octopuses taste great with potato salad or any green salad!

– Try adding grilled octopus to your pasta or wrap to make a delicious meal!

– This seafood recipe also tastes great with rice and corn on the cob for a delicious, simple meal!


Octopus is a delicious seafood dish that can be enjoyed year-round. If you’ve ever hesitated about trying it because you think it might be too weird or tough to eat, you don’t have to worry! If you follow the tips we’ve shared in this article, you’re sure to put this delicious seafood dish on your menu soon! So what are you waiting for? Ready, set, grill!

The Best Grilled Octopus - Recipes and Tips to Make This Delicious Seafood Dish! 2

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