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The secret to thriving 

Scientists says they found the secret to thriving. What does thriving mean. How do people thrive? I understand how plants can thrive but how does thriving apply to people? The dictionary says, to prosper, to flourish. In Tagalog, we have umunlad o lumago. This probably…

Fish and Seafood

Simple Poke Poke Recipe 

Recently, I’ve been having these strange cravings. I happened to pass by this Poke store near us and was curious -because we dont have Poke Poke here. It looked so summery and cool, the color of mango popping up. Just looking at the photos made…

Get Healthy

Can Kids Get Depressed? 

Many people wonder if kids and teens can really get depressed. In the case of teens, adults may attribute symptoms of depression to normal teen emotional swings. But experts and pediatricians point out that children and teens really can get depressed, and may be afflicted…

Personal Finance

What Is A Balanced Mutual Fund 

Have you ever wondered what is a balanced mutual fund? For many of us,this is an off limits topic because 1, its so hard to understand and 2, money talk is often avoided because its a sensitive issue that might offend someone. But basically, if…


Beat the stress and other skin care tips 

Healthy skin and proper skin care is really one of the most important ingredients for beauty-enhancement. As I grow older I realize this more and more. I remember this aunt whose skin I love to touch when I was young and even then, my skin…

Get Healthy

Diabetes in Children – A Guide for Families 

Has your child been diagnosed with diabetes, and you’re worried? Or maybe he or she has had diabetes for a while but you feel like you’re floundering. Sometimes, parents and families need to understand how diabetes affects the family dynamic, and how they can be…