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PEPT Test Reviewer for Elementary 

If you’ve read my other PEPT post,  you might have noticed that it is geared for High School. Today, I am sharing our son’s experience with taking the Elementary PEPT test last January. The PEPT test was scheduled at 8am and we arrived there on…


Tikoy sa Latik Recipe -Tikoy with a Twist! 

The Chinese New Year is coming up again and if you’re like me, you’ll have dozens of Tikoy in the refrigerator before the end of February. We usually have them traditionally on the Chinese New Year but we have so much leftover and we have…


Cheap Dating Tips For Married Couples 

Real talk, do you still date your husband or wife? Here are some dating tips to rekindle that romance! And no, this is not a Valentines special. It just happened that I was browsing my FB feed and there was a rather racy mommy who…