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Relax Lang Mom is a Pinoy Mom Blog for food, lifestyle, and simple living. I believe that you don’t have to be perfect to be a good mom. Let us give ourselves permission. Permission to not be perfect. Permission to relax. And as my son always say, out of the babes mouth, (which incidentally is where this blog’s name came from) “Relax Lang, Mom!

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Work At Home Moms

More and more moms are now turning to blogs and websites to make a living online.. That’s because with proper setup, blogs can live without constant care, unlike husbands and children, lol. And truth be told, there are so many ideas for stay at home moms to make money online. You can be a Work At Home Mom and control your time, manage your family, and create meaningful connections with family and friends without the stress of working.

Since 2017, Relax Lang Mom has been smothered with care, or left for dead -depending on my mommy schedule but has been continuously earning despite being left behind to care for its own and fend for itself.

And I’ll teach you how to do the same! If you’re a Pinay mom looking for a sideline and a past time, let me help you become a mommy blogger! I will be sharing tested and proven blogging, email marketing, and SEO strategies. Whether earning thru Google ads or thru affiliate marketing, Tiktok, or Facebook, it’s great to have some money on the side~!

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My Home and Kitchen Reviews

Claypot Chicken Rice

Quick and Easy Claypot Chicken Rice in the Imarflex Turbo Cooker

Well, I know it’s not cooked in a clay pot, like in those traditional Chinese restaurants. I attempted this Claypot Chicken Rice on an Imarflex Turbo Cooker. The Turbo Cooker is the Filipino version of the American Instant Pot. It’s a multi-cooker which means you can cook assorted types of food on it and can

Is IVO The Best Water Purifier In The Philippines?

Table of Contents Why Do You Need a Water Purifier? But First, Water Purifier or Water Filter? How Does a Water Purifier Work? Most Common Purification Methods Why I chose IVO How Regularly Do You Have To Clean Up a Water Purifier? Other Key Points to Consider and Water Purifier Options in the Philippine Market

Air Fryer

What’s The Best Air Fryer To Buy in The Philippines?

Table of Contents The Guide To Buying Your Air Fryer Online What is an Air Fryer Anyway? Do Air Fryers really fry in the air? Cooking with Air Fryers Choices, choices: Cooking for two or for the whole gang? Front-load or Top Load? How To Clean The Air Fryers? The Cooking Presets is Love -especially

Inkbird Sous Vide

Your Sous Vide Starter Kit: What You Need to Get Started

Keeping a house full of hungry males (and females, lol) happy and well-fed doesn’t get any easier than by using sous vide cookery. Whether it’s a quick and casual dinner that you need to prep quickly or something more elaborate, there are many benefits of using sous vide. With minimal prep time (or not, but

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Food & Drinks From Around the World

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On Meal Plan

Mindful Meal Planning

Low Carb Meal Plan Week 3

This is the third week of our Low Carb Meal Plan. I already lost 1 kilo from 65 to 64. I know, not much, but it was a struggle so I’m celebrating my win! While I’m not as hungry as before and getting used to having no rice (read: not craving too), it feels like

On Family

Family and Parenting

apps for first time parents

4 of the Best Apps to Download When You’re a First-Time Mom

If you’re a new mom, it can be easy to feel like a fish out of water. This is why it’s crucial to find help where you can. Your family and friends are always a great source of assistance, (hello mom!) Of course there are also child care professionals, parent support groups, and the like.

Why Picking Your Battles Is Important

As a mom, we all find ourselves giving tons of bad news to our kids. Somebody has to tell them that they can’t stay up past their bedtime or eat ice cream for breakfast, right? The task is probably going to be left to you, and your kids aren’t always going to agree. Unfortunately, if

dating tips for married couples

Cheap Dating Tips For Married Couples

Real talk, do you still date your husband or wife? Here are some dating tips to rekindle that romance! And no, this is not a Valentines special. It just happened that I was browsing my FB feed and there was a rather racy mommy who shared her tips on how she keeps the fire going

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