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Tablea Chocolate Sauce 

Transform traditional tablea into a chocolate sauce you can drizzle over ice cream, spread on pan de sal, slather over bananas and fruits or just eat on its own! On a whim, because we have no chocolate sauce and I wanted some on my pancakes,…


9 Apps Every Woman Needs To Get Her Sh*t Together In 2018 

We’re all constantly on the journey of getting our sh*t together. When we start juggling one of the life’s curveballs, another ball drops out of the sky to mess everything up. Whether you miscalculated your menstrual period before a bae-cation or stood up your dinner…


How to cook Pulpog or Filipino Pork Kilawin 

Try this Pulpog recipe, shared by Come Forth Kitchen at the Maya Kitchen cooking class for its Top Eats edition. This Filipino grilled pork dish is perfect for a Saturday night with friends coming over for a couple of bottles of beer.  There’s a chef I…


Cathedral Jelly Cake -Pinoy Christmas Recipes 

Are you preparing for your Christmas menu yet? Something that we Pinoys always seem to have in the table for Christmas is this Creamy Cathedral Jelly Cake. They’re beautiful and looks amazing. Sometimes, If Im feeling all the the seasons food being abit too much,…

Carbs, Rice and Pasta

Tsokolate Puto Bumbong -Pinoy Christmas Recipes 

For making memories, nothing beats eating puto bumbong in the early Christmas mornings after the Simbang Gabi. Whenever I think of Christmas food, it is the Pinoy native delicacies that always comes first before the Morcon, or even Kaldereta. When puto bumbong is mentioned, I have…