3 Activities for Gifted Children + Matilda Ticket Promo with Promil Four

Kids at play (with Ms Dimples Romana)- promil four + matilda ticket promo - Relax lang Mom Blog
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At the PROMIL Four Gifted Awareness Month celebration at the Sofitel Manila in Pasay, the Wyeth company also held a learning workshop for mommy bloggers and celebrity parents to teach them how to “nurture the gift”.

The workshop taught us how to do activities that can help our children express their gifts not only for academics but for the whole body as well. As a homeschooling mom, I really appreciated new input with live teaching instead of just hunting around online for ideas for our homeschool activities.

This time, the learning facilitators turned back the time for us mommies.  We were told to pretend and act as if we were the five year old’s on our first day at school. At first, the moms were a bit timid but we all ended up laughing and tumbling throughout the workshop.

The PROMIL  Four Learning Workshop highlights three different activities that show the advantage of multi-dimensional development in nurturing a child’s gift to its full potential. These activities are based on three learning zones focused on the physical, mental, and socio-emotional development.

Developing Your Children’s Physical Agility with Yoga

The physical activity focused on the importance of growth and immunity to strengthen physical agility through a yoga class. As a productive meditation activity, it showed how yoga can stimulate body movement and sensory experiences for children. It also promotes multi-dimensional learning as it encourages balance and coordination, focus and concentration, mind and body connection, and self-awareness and mindfulness.

The mommy bloggers stretched and curled and balanced. Alas. Non of us are as agile as we were before. But it brought home the lesson. Yoga doesn’t need to be like the perfection we see on gyms and TV. All you need is a space plus your time to do this activity. And no, you dont have to enroll in an expensive yoga class. You can download a yoga app and do this with your children today!

Yoga for kids - promil four + matilda ticket promo - Relax lang Mom Blog


Developing Your Children’s Mental Agility with Art

For the mental activity, the learning facilitators featured an art workshop developed to encourage recognition and memory. This activity focused on bringing the experience on how art can develop a child’s memory through storytelling and painting while inculcating repetitive practices and rhythms.

We did a poem called The Little Seed and I was inspired to help Arya with subjects for her art by using stories as base for her imagination. I learned something about repetition in teaching art like when cleaning the art brushes, you can teach your kids to tap tap tap,  (as you dip the brushes in water) pinch pinch pinch (as you press the water out of the paint brush) and wipe wipe wipe (as you dry the paint brush in tissue paper).

Art for kids - promil four + matilda ticket promo - Relax lang Mom Blog


Developing Your Childrens Social Agility with Play

Lastly, with learning facilitator Dr. Tippy Tanchanco, the camp also had a social activity, through a giant block game. This game is focuses on the need of being socially adept for better learning. It also underlined how an imaginative game can promote strong leadership qualities in children through imagination, communication, and collaboration.

We built this block house without talking and it was a struggle to get everyone on line haha! Anakin presented for our group and mommy was a bit proud that he took the stage without hesitating.

Kids at play - promil four + matilda ticket promo - Relax lang Mom Blog


PROMIL Four’s Learning Camp also emphasized the importance nutrition plays in supporting a child’s advanced learning abilities. “Proper nutrition plays an essential role in your child’s brain development. With the right nutrients, it can further support a child’s advanced learning abilities,” added Ma. Neva Luna Batayola, Medical Director.

Matilda The Musical in Manila Ticket Promo

Who loves Matilda The Musical by Roald Dahl, raise your hands!

Aside from the Learning Workshop, this year, PROMIL Four is also partnering with Atlantis Production to produce the Matilda The Musical in Manila. I am proud to be one of the first to announce this Matilda ticket promo! Promil Four is raffling out free Matilda ticket, go and visit www.promilfour-matilda.com for more information.

I’m so excited to see awe-inspiring talents in the local Manila production of Matilda the Musical. We all know that this theater play features the story of a gifted child. Yey!

Three child actors will portray the lead role of the Matilda The Musical in Manila. The first is Esang De Torres (who is growing up to be such a lady!) of ABS-CBN’s “The Voice Kids” and “Les Miserables” Asian Tour. The second is Uma Naomi Martin of “A Little Princess”. The last kid is Gawad Musika’s Outstanding Child Performer, Felicity Kyle Napuli.

The Matilda The Musical in Manila will run from November 10 to December 10, 2017.

PROMIL® Four is best known for nurturing the young Filipino’s gift. It is specially formulated for children above three years old and is the only brand that contains NUTRISSENTIALS®—the combination of the unique and important nutrients that help support mental & physical development to help Nurture the Gift, together with balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

To know more about PROMIL and its price plus other variants, visit its website at www.wyeth.com.ph.

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