How to cook banana que

Do you know how to cook banana que? I dont. It’s one of those traditional Filipino food that I just take for granted. I actually thought I knew how to do it and then I realized I don’t. This is an authentic Filipino food, probably common in around Asia where there are genuine Saba banana variety.

I asked my sisters to teach me how for this Filipino snack recipe.

For foreigners to the Philippines, banana que is a bit confusing since it’s associated with barbeque. Their only commonality is the stick or or skewers. That’s it. Banana que is deep fried Saba bananas with added sugar coating. The kind of banana to use is very important. You have to use the Saba variety or it will taste weird. Saba is a cooking banana and not too sweet unlike the regular bananas you can find in the market which is used for fruit and desserts.

It is also important to choose an almost ripe banana. The really ripe ones are very soft and doesn’t taste that good because it gets squishy.

How To Cook Banana Que


  • 1 “piling” Saba Banana (about 16) -peeled
  • Oil for deep frying
  • 1/2 kilo brown sugar


  1. Heat oil.
  2. Add half of the sugar when oil is hot. Switch to medium heat.
  3. Stir the oil with a wooden spoon and wait till sugar is caramelized. Watch the sugar so it doesnt burn.
  4. Carefully add in 1st batch (half) of bananas. Watch it, its hot! Add 1/4 of the sugar while banana is cooking. Fry until banana is golden brown. Remove bananas from oil and fry the second batch. Add the remaining sugar. Cook as before.
  5. Skewer with sticks as desired.


I repeat, use only the saba variety as other bananas doesnt have the same taste. Use brown or washed sugar to have a golden color effect. Leftover oil is a bit sweet to use but I still use it us for sauteing anyway. Sayang naman! :P

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