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Edible Gifts Made with Love

Homemade Adobo Pate - for your Christmas Menu -Bottled Gourmet Fift

What do you give someone who seems to have enough?

What do you give someone who you don’t really know?

What do you give someone you love to bits?

The answer to this is food! if you’re looking for gifts for special occasions such as Christmas, or birthdays, or even just an I’m thinking of you gift, food is great idea. Edible gifts specially prepared in your kitchen are the best way to show someone that you think of them and you care. What’s best is that these are mostly food preserves and your friends don’t have to rush to eat them -especially at a time when they have so much food on their table.

Here is RelaxLangMom’s list of edible gifts you can make and cook at home, then bottle or pack for gifting! Admittedly, most of these posts are great for selling as well and you can do no wrong for planning to sell it for special occasions and Christmas.

Adobo pate is an edible gift that is easy to make and affordable in the pocket.
Edible Gifts Made with Love 1
Chili Garlic Oil is the perfect accompaniment for most Pinoy dishes.

Salsa Monja
Salsa Monja Recipe
Not a lot of people know or remember this condiment. Surprise your friends with this Salsa Monja!

Baby Bangus Sardines
Tablea Chocolate Sauce

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