Quick and Easy Pork Stew


For lunch, I was looking for a "maiba naman recipe" for pork. I still had a kilo of Adobo cut from Monterey and I saw this pork stew recipe from Aling Oday's. I was actually

Quick and Easy Pork Stew2020-11-07T20:06:03+08:00

Sweet Chili Crab Dampa Style


If you're in Manila, there's these rows of restaurants called Dampa. Dampa is actually "hut" in English, and these Dampa are small stalls usually near a Seafood Market that cooks live and fresh seafood that

Sweet Chili Crab Dampa Style2020-11-07T20:06:04+08:00

Squid in its Own Ink


The "Calamares en Su Tinta”, or Squid in its Own Ink is a very simple dish that is elegant in taste. It is Spanish in origin and it almost tastes likes our Adobo sa Kamatis.

Squid in its Own Ink2020-11-07T20:06:04+08:00
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