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Weight Loss Without Hunger -Eating Intelligently is the Key

Losing weight doesn’t mean that you have to go hungry and that’s a fact. The problem with so many fad diets is that you end up starving hungry and then what happens? You’ve guessed it, you cheat and head to the fridge for a midnight muffin – just because you eat something in secret doesn’t […]

What the Heck is Kombucha Tea and WIIFY?

You probably heard me mention Kombucha a couple of times (or more, lol). It’s this amazing probiotic drink (along with kefir) that helped me manage my acid reflux before. So today, my friend Jannah of, expert on all things Kombucha, is going to introduce you to this healthy probiotic drink. Read her guest post […]

How to make home made milk kefir probiotic drink -best for lactose intolerant

Milk kefir is a great addition to your probiotic drinks like Yakult. It is also great for digestion and all around gut health.  I actually started with water kefir before I discovered Milk Kefir. When we first had it, the kids had a blast because they thought it was yogurt. Kefir is really similar to […]