Homeschool Trip: What makes a hero?


The Juan Luna Gallery at the National Museum In honor of Juan Luna's 160th birth anniversary, the National Museum, held a tour for his work now displayed at the National Museum of Fine Arts. When

Homeschool Trip: What makes a hero?2020-01-14T09:51:06+08:00

Homeschool Trip: Snow Maiden Acrobatic Show


Last October 17, the entire homeschool gang was dispatched to a mission, to learn Russian culture and watch Snegurochka’s fairytale popularly known as the Snow Maiden produced by D’ Ultimate Talent and Entertainment Corporation at the

Homeschool Trip: Snow Maiden Acrobatic Show2021-08-26T12:47:16+08:00

Homemade Play Dough Recipe


How to make homemade play dough. As a mom, there's nothing I hate more, (only second to stepping into little bits of Lego) than cleaning up dry play dough in between floor cracks. Ugh. But

Homemade Play Dough Recipe2020-01-26T16:32:43+08:00
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