Homeschool Trip: Snow Maiden Acrobatic Show

Last October 17, the entire homeschool gang was dispatched to a mission, to learn Russian culture and watch Snegurochka’s fairytale popularly known as the Snow Maiden produced by D’ Ultimate Talent and Entertainment Corporation at the Skydome in SM North Quezon City.

We had an early day, waking up at 5 so we can be at Skydome when the curtain opens at 9am. The little one was very excited and was ready by 6am. I had to figure out a way to entertain her because it was too early and the ‘panganay’ was so hard to wake up. Lately, he’s been very reluctant to go out on family trips and prefers to stay at home. Oh my growing child!

We ended up arriving 30 minutes early and good thing too because they were showing clips and pictures of Russian culture and places.  Loads of kids are arriving for their field trip, I think some coming from as far as Batangas.

I do not have any preconception of the show. I only know that it’s a variety show of sorts with the Snowmaiden story serving as a backdrop.  I appreciated that they tried to be a bit educational.

We are reminded  of Kai and Gerda from Snow Queen, a memorable movie about the same theme. Here, Snow Maiden is the daughter of Father Frost and Spring. She grows to like a shepherd but since she is snow, her heart is unable to love.

The entire show was fun and breath taking. Arya watched the singer “princess” with delight and kept shushing me on the squeal inducing acrobatic parts. The older kid enjoyed taking  pictures and was surprisingly so into it.

Here are a couple of pictures from the performers of the event. Unfortunately, I had no picture of the Live Sand Painting which was a very beautiful and mesmerizing show.

Silk Duo Tandem
The Princess
Cyr Wheel
Hula Hoop Performance
Acrobatic Performance

Over all, the show was worth waking up early for. The home school still have a couple of material to finish because we were inspired by the show to make a unit on Russia.

If you are looking for a homeschool activity, try this one.  The show will run until February 2018. For more information on the show and where to buy tickets, you may check D’Ultimate Facebook page or directly het tickets at SM here.

Not to forget, the kids had so much fun dancing to The Baby Shark:

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