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PEPT Test Reviewer for Elementary

PEPT Test Reviewer for Elementary 

If you’ve read my other PEPT post,  you might have noticed that it is geared for High School. Today, I am sharing our son’s experience with taking the Elementary PEPT test last January.

The PEPT test was scheduled at 8am and we arrived there on the dot. We were instructed to go to the Deped in Ortigas. The Deped Testing room was still closed and for a moment I was a bit confused if we were in the right place.

Anyway, the staff arrived at 8 and the test was started at around 9.

I left my son to finish his exam on his own. He was taking the exam along with the little kids taking Grade 1 tests. He said that the proctor is reading the questions for the kids and it was a bit funny because the kids kept saying the answers out loud.

Since the son took Grade 1-8, he said that the exam is gradual in terms of its “hard”ness and difficulty. In Math for example, Grade 1  would start on 1+1 and Grade 2 would have 5 + 12, and so on.

Here are the common questions I am always being asked regarding the PEPT exam for elementary.

  1. Is it hard? Anakin was extremely nervous months before the exam. In fact he delayed taking it for a year thinking that he was not ready. While he would not say that the exam was easy, he did say that the exam really is based on the exam takers stock knowledge and understanding of the subject. You dont need to memorize any dates on History for example.
  2. Do I need to enroll my kid in a review center? I did enroll him in a review center. On hindsight, I would say that it really is not needed. You can review using online materials at the DepEd Learning Portal or Khan Academy.
  3. Can I skip reviewing then? Well not really. While the exam was easy for Anakin, I heard some feedback that there were kids who had a hard time. I think this mostly had to do with outlook and belief. If you set a schedule for reviewing, making sure that you cover the basics, this will lessen the pressure on the students and they will perform better. I wanted to add that reviewing with someone added tons of confidence for Anakin before taking the exam.

If you need more information on the requirements and schedule for PEPT, please check my other post for PEPT here: PEPT Test Schedule and PEPT Reviewer for High School. 

Here is the guideline for reviewing for elementary provided by Deped. ELEMENTARY PEPT Reviewer

If you wish to study with us using Quipper check this link: Study with us at Quipper!

Just click the link then save the PDF file on your computer. It is arranged per subject so #1 is for Grade 1, etc. Leave a message if you have questions!

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  1. Mitch

    Thank you for this post. You may have just saved us a trip to DepEd. By any chance, would you know if it is okay for the kids to take this exam yearly? I’m planning to start homeschooling my son and we were thinking of making him take the exam once a year to avoid stress and anxiety.

    1. April Pagaling

      Since PEPT is designed to put back children to school, they actually frown a bit if you get your child to take the exam yearly. I have not found anything to say that we as homeschoolers are not eligible for it and its a bit of a gray area still. If you want to talk about it with them you can ask >>>631 25 89 / 631 2571. I tend to be on the skittish side and avoid the discussion. 😛

      1. Allaine Carigma

        Hello po, ask ko lang po if i stop g10 last year and wanna take pept this year on what year levels exam am i going to take? please answer! thank you.

        1. April Pagaling

          Hi! Kung di mo natapos ang Grade 10, you can take Grade 10. Unfortunately there is no exam for Senior High School yet.

          1. Allaine Carigma

            Mahirap po ba ng makapasa? sabi po kasi sakin ay parang upcat test ang itatake ko.

          2. April Pagaling

            Mahirap is very relative. It’s actually just a test of general knowledge and there’s just about 40 – 50 questions per grade. Just make sure to review and practice before you take the test to make you more confident. 🙂

          3. Allaine Carigma

            ilang percentage po for passing?

          4. April Pagaling

            Naka base ang passing sa naipasa mong subject. Kapag bumagsak ka sa at least 2 subject, kailangan mong mag re take ng buong year. Kung isa ang ibinagsak mo, yun lang ang kailangan mong i re take.

  2. Eya

    Hi I just want to ask, I have a 4yr old and since depEd requires Kindergarden by 5yr old, does my child need to take a PEPT exam for that?
    I am in between enrolling to a homeschool provider or going independent for her kindergarten.
    Thank you so much for your inputs! Very informative blog post 🙂 more power!

    1. April Pagaling

      Hi! Im sorry, Im confused. So you want your 4 year old to enroll in Kindergarten? PEPT is not used to accelerate, rather, to put the children with the same age group when they come back to school after a long absence. Congratulations on thinking about homeschooling. Its a pretty big decision and one thats very satisfying when you see your child bloom.

  3. Marife Moncada

    Good day Ms. April,

    Ask ko lang po, since my son is overage for Grade 1, he’ll be taking the PEPT exam this 24th of May, alin lang po sa pointers ang dpat ko ireview pra gawan ng reviewer? Kapag nkapasa po cya dpat Grade 3 na cya.
    Thanks a lot!



    1. April Pagaling

      Hi Ms Marife. First of all, dont stress him too much. I have attached a curriculum for Elementary in the article you can download that and make a reviewer from it. Since malapit na ang exam, just a quick run thru will do. The exam is multiple choices and mostly focused on stock knowledge and self and community awareness. Example questions are 1. Which shows care for the environment? and answer one will be a picture that shows a kid picking up garbage and another one showing a kid throwing garbage in the river.

  4. Mafe

    Hi, ung daughter ko po kc is going 6 yr. Old this October inenrol ko sya sa kinder ulit since 5 plng sya. Pero inadvice ako ng teacher na mag apply ng PEPT para ma
    grade 1 n sya pwede naman n dw un. Sit in lng sya last year sa kinder hindi formal enrolled kaya walang LRN no. Ask ko lng po ano po kayang mga topics n kelangan ireview for kinder level?

    1. April Pagaling

      Hi Ms Mafe. You can try to review according to the DEPED Modules here: Before you review, go to DEPED first (ASAP) (with requirements kahit Birth Cert lang) and check kung kelan ang possible schedule. Baka kase ang ending is ma late naman sya for enrollment sa Grade 1.

      1. Marie Kar

        Hi Ms April parehas po kmi ng story ni Ms Mafe nagkinder daughter ko pero wala cya lrn.ngaun they asked us na mag pept exam pero pinag enroll na kmi sa grade 1.kahit ongoing the process ng exam.anu pong reviewwer gagawin ko kinder or grade 1 subjects

        1. April Pagaling

          Hi Ms Marie. Definitely prepare for Kinder. But depending on her age, she might be asked to take Grade 1 too. You will know this kapag nagpa schedule ka na for exam. Better do it ASAP. The schedule can take so long.

  5. Lady Babiera

    Thank you for sharing this. I downloaded the elementary reviewer. I noticed that for the 5th and 6th grade its only math and science? I just want to confirm baka po kasi kulang ang nadownload ko. Thank you in advance! 😊

    1. April Pagaling

      Your download is correct. However, the guideline provided by Deped is severely lacking. When I get the time Ill try to improve the guideline so it becomes a proper reviewer. :/

  6. Study with us at Quipper! Grade 4 Elementary PEPT Reviewer ~ Relax lang Mom! -Lifestyle, Motherhood and Filipino Food Blog For Making Pinay Moms Life Easier

    […] lot of moms are asking me at the PEPT Test Reviewer for Elementary, for help in making a reviewer. I dont have a reviewer but I do have a Quipper class where you can […]

  7. Sheila Santos


    My son needs to pass Grade 6 Araling Panlipunan PEPT Test but I’m struggling to find a specific reviewer. Can someone please point me to the right direction? I’d very much appreciate your help. Thank you.

    1. April Pagaling

      Mommy Sheila, you can join our Quipper Class and go thru the module using the quizzes only as a reviewer. I know its a bit roundabout but I havent found anything else that is free.

      The joining code is this: N5F456A

      The instructions are here:

  8. genivive

    Good day! My son need to re-take filipino for grade 2. any chance you have an specific reviewer? I had visited DepEd Learning Portal but I had difficulty in downloading the modules. Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you and God bless.

    1. April Pagaling

      Im sorry. I dont have specific reviewer for Grade 2. You may find something that can help here:

  9. Bing

    Hi maam April Im 36 years old na ,tapos n po ako mg grade 7 ,then dropped out po ako s grade 8 ..sched.ko po ng exam soon ,anong grade po ba ibigay na exam sa ako para mkapag review po ako? Thanks po and God bless😍

    1. April Pagaling

      Hi! You might want to consider getting an ALS exam instead on PEPT if youre already 36 and has no plans of going back to school or taking Grade 11 and 12. Ask your local public High School or go to your barangay to ask. they usually have ALS review year round.

  10. Lolita Golez

    Hi. I have 2 elementary kids who stopped last school year. One is supposedly grade 2 and the other is four. I want them to take the PEPT test so they can go to grade 3 and 5. Is it still possible to take the exam? Is there a reviewer for this level too? Thank you so much.

    1. April Pagaling

      Yes mommy Lolita. They can take the exam anytime. ASAP if possible so they can go back next year if they want to. I have a Quipper class for Grade 5 but theres nothing for Grade 3. Heres the class code for Grade 5. WHNE9FH

      Instruction s for joining here:

  11. joanne

    Hi! This is very helpful. May I ask how do I join classes in all grade levels? Coz the code is limited to 1 grade only. Thank you very much.

    1. April Pagaling

      I will update the article in a bit to include codes for other levels.

      1. joanne

        Thank you very much Mommy April. Will just wait for your updates. You may not know how much inspiration and help you have given to our family, but really we are very grateful. Kudos to your good works. I will pray for you and your family.

  12. Xian

    Good day po. Ung kapatid ko po mag aaral sana this year kaso. Gusto ko sana malaman kung anu anu mga dapat e review sa Grade 3, grade 4, grade 7 at grade 10. At kelan ang Pept Exam? For this year. Still ma hahabol ko ba sila mag aral this year. Plss do help me. Thank you! God bless you!

    1. April Pagaling

      Hi Xian! Hindi ko alam ang yearly schedule ng PEPT exam pero you can walk in anytime sa DEPED para mag pa schedule ng exam. Yun nga lang baka masyado ng late kung ang target ninyo is to enroll for this year. Kase mahaba ang pila nng mag e exam. My advice is to get your requirements asap at pumunta agad sa DEPED asap. I will update the article so you can sign up sa quipper and review your Grades. Unfortunately, Quipper doesnt have Grade 3. You can check here para sa guideline:

  13. Janice Ibarra

    Hello! My daughter was diagnosed with leukemia since she was 4 yrs old. Kaya nastop siya magschool. Last April nagfile na ako sa DEPED para makakuha siya ng PEPT. Ang need niya iexam ay for Kinder at Grade 1 daw since 7 yrs old na siya ngayon. Tanong ko lang kung ano ba talaga usually ine-exam sa level nila na yun? Sana matulungan mo ako. Nakasched kasi siya mag-exam sa October 10. Thank you. God bless

    1. April Pagaling

      Im sorry to hear that. Yes, she will need to review Kinder and Grade 1. Im sorry I dont have Quipper classes for Kinder and Grade 1. Try looking here:

  14. lilz

    dko po madownload curriculum.aatend po mga anak ko sa nov yong isa aatend grade 4 at 5 naman ang isa.tiningnan ko po po elementary pept reviewer tama po ba pagkaintindi ko na yong mga numerong nakasaad doon ay sa grade aatenan nila

    1. April Pagaling

      Lahat po ng 1 is for Grade , yung 2 is for Grade 2 and so on.

  15. Sabrina

    Ask ko lang po kung sa main office ng deped ang exam. Hindi ko po kasi natanong yung lication. Thank you.

    1. April Pagaling

      Depende po kung saan kayo nag apply. Mabuting magtanong po directly habang maaga para maiwasan ang abala.

  16. Giandel

    Hi. Im homeschooling a student and hes about to take the exam on Feb 2019 with the same level, grades 1 – 8. can i ask for any online resources that u had in tutoring him? we only have like 10 hours a week and im worried about his math skills. what kind of questions did he have on grade 7 and 8 esp. math?

    are filipino and HeKaSi questions needed to be reviewed? not related to my student but hes like a little brother to me thats why im reaching out this far

  17. Maria Clara Palonpon Reyes

    I have a 8 1/2 & 7 1/2 yrs old daugther they are both in grade 1.I want them to take exam para po makapasa sila for grade 3 and 4 late kasi po cla nkapag aral kasi hindi sila naenroll ng grade level sa ibang lang po cla.then nagtransfer cla s pinas wlang LRN unulit nla po ang kindergarten..paanu po ang proseso mraming slamat po.

    1. April Pagaling

      Just bring your requirements sa DEPED so they can schedule an exam for them for placement sa proper grade nila.

  18. Audy dejesus

    Ask ko Lang po? Yung mga nag aaral Lang po ba Yung pwedeng mag pept test? I mean pano po yan pag stop ako tapos gusto ko po mag pept test?

    1. April Bewell

      Hi Audy. PEPT is designed para sa mga hindi nag aaral so you can go back to your school level base sa age mo. dalhin mo lang ang requirements mo sa Deped. Click here to know more:

  19. Mitz

    Hi, may I know kung gaanonpo katagal malaman result ng PEPT test?

    Sayang bukas na exam ng anak ko for Grade 1 ngayon ko lang nakita ito 🙁

    1. April Bewell

      Hello Mommy Mitz, 1 month after exam usually ang release ng results.

  20. Desiree

    Hi Ms. April,

    My son previously studied in Singapore.
    Just want to ask for grade 3 PEPT, my son is scheduled to take on July 2. What are the subjects covered in the exam?

    1. April Pagaling

      Lahat ng basic subjects -Math, Science, English, Social Studies, at Filipino. Goodluck sa kiddo!

  21. Hanabibi

    Hi? How many items is gonna take? I’m 23 years and will take grade 6

    1. April Pagaling

      Hi! If you’re already 23, mag t take ka ng Grade 6 hanggang Grade 10. I schedule nila yan for the whole day.

  22. Ginalyn Cruz

    HI PO.. Need help po sana. ung anak ko po ay nasa kinder po then hindi siya umaboT sa cut off pwede po ba siya mag exam ng PEPT ????

    1. April Bewell

      Yes po. Dalhin nyo lang requirements sa DEPED.

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