PEPT Test Schedule and PEPT Reviewer for High School

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What is the PEPT?

The PEPT test or the Philippine Educational Placement Test is an examination administered by the Philippine Department of Education (DEPED) to put out-of-school youth back to the education system. If you have stopped studying and your education level is either at High School or Grade School, you can get back to school to your supposed level according to your age and not according to the last grade you were in. This is great, especially for the kids who are too shy to go back to school because of their age.

For most independent homeschooler parents, however, the PEPT test is a way to measure our kids’ performance and so we have a record of their grades in case they want to go back to a regular school. You also need this exam done if you wish to or your kids wish to enroll in a college or university later.

Since last year, DepEd officially scheduled a yearly exam every November, and for this year, the scheduled exam date is today, November 15.  We went to the Dep Ed PEPT Office in Ortigas only last week, and we missed the schedule. So come a little earlier next time to submit your school records and requirements if you want to make it by the regular November schedule.

Which is not really a problem since we’re not in a hurry. The only difference between the scheduled and walk-in exams is the amount you have to pay, so you need to be stressed if you’re late. Walk-in PEPT examinees need to pay P200 and scheduled PEPT pays P50.

For walk-in examinees, the line is first come first served. The line is very long and I only manage to get a walk-in schedule for Anakin the following January (which is weird I know since it’s called a walk in exam but is actually scheduled, lol).

Guideline for the PEPT exam:

  1. The PEPT exam is age-dependent. Hence, a 17-year-old can take the exams all the way to Grade 10, but Anakin, who is 14 years old can only take the exam up to Grade 8. (Which is a disappointment since I wanted to test if he can pass the Grade 10 exam and get to college earlier.
  2. You need to have your school card or Form 137 & 138 in order to take the exam. For those coming from private schools, you also need to submit your school’s Permit To Operate.
  3. If, like us, you are independent homeschooling or not enrolled in a DepEd-accredited school, you will have to take the PEPT exam for all levels.

What ages go with each grade for PEPT Test?

The table below shows what age you should be on the date of the examination to be eligible for the next grade. For example, if your child stopped school on Grade 3 and is already 12 years old on the date of the examination, he or she will take Grade 4 to Grade 6 examinations to be eligible to enroll for Grade 7 the next school year.

Age on the Date of ExaminationGrade to be Tested
6 years old Kinder
7 years oldGrade 1
8 years old Grade 2
9 years old Grade 3
10 years old Grade 4
11 years old Grade 5
12 years old Grade 6
13 years old Grade 7
14 years old Grade 8
15 years old Grade 9
16 years old Grade 10

List of Requirements to Apply for PEPT test:

  • Birth Certificate (bring original and 2 xeroxed copies)
  • 2 1x 1 recent ID
  • School records
    • Form 137 (Transcript of Records)
    • Form 138 (Report Card)
    • School Permit (if coming from a private school)

Where to go: 

For the walk-in exams, you can go to the 2nd Floor, BEA Bldg., DepED Complex (ULTRA), Meralco Avenue, Pasig City.  If you’re taking the regular exams though, go to your Division office to check where you should take your PEPT Test.

Unlike the ALS (Alternative Learning System), the PEPT exam is supposed to be self-study, so there is no reviewer available from the DEPED. However, I was able to get pointers for review at the office which can pass as a PEPT reviewer and helps students figure out what’s going to be in the exam.  (Attached is the 1st year PEPT reviewer below -the other years are bunched in one single reviewer. :P )

Reviewers and Downloads

The ALS for High School has some reviewers that might help you here.

1st Year HS PEPT Reviewer

pept test and pept reviewer (general science and math)

pept test and pept reviewer (social studies)

pept test and pept reviewer (english and filipino subjects)

Download Free PEPT Reviewer PDF Here: 1st Year High School PEPT Reviewer

Click here for the Full High School Guide for PEPT Review

If you want to have a more structured review for your PEPT exam, the MSA Reviewer does a great job. It’s available for Grade 1-10. It’s available on Lazada and you can use my links below. Anakin used it for his review and he said that it was a great reference material.

Grade 7-10 Set Reviewer

Grade 7 PEPT Reviewer

Grade 8 PEPT Reviewer

Grade 9 PEPT Reveiwer

Grade 10 PEPT Reviewer

For Free Elementary PEPT Reviewer go here: 

PEPT Test Reviewer for Elementary

PS: Shoutout to the PEPT officials the PEPT office who helped me understand everything. I had so many questions but they answered me patiently even though they were very busy and there were tons and tons of papers ahead of them. If you’re ever dropping by, please bring them a box of donuts or drinks maybe!

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