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Our Experience with the Elementary PEPT Test: Tips and Insights


If you’ve read my other PEPT post,  you might have noticed that it is geared for High School. Today, I am sharing our son’s experience with taking the Elementary PEPT test last January.

The elementary PEPT test was scheduled at 8am and we arrived there on the dot. We were instructed to go to the Deped in Ortigas. The Deped Testing room was still closed and for a moment I was a bit confused if we were in the right place.

Anyway, the staff arrived at 8 and the PEPT test was started at around 9.

I left my son to finish his exam on his own. He was taking the exam along with the little kids taking Grade 1 tests. He said that the proctor is reading the questions for the kids and it was a bit funny because the kids kept saying the answers out loud. The proctors read it in Tagalog and translate the question in English. This is helpful for kids who does not understand Filipino, Unfortunately, since different grades take the test all together, there is not enough focus on reading the questions out loud. 

Since the son took Grade 1-8, he said that the exam is gradual in terms of its “hard”ness and difficulty. In Math for example, Grade 1  would start on 1+1 and Grade 2 would have 5 + 12, and so on.

Here are the common questions I am always being asked regarding the PEPT exam for elementary.


  1. Is it hard? Anakin was extremely nervous months before the exam. In fact, he delayed taking it for a year thinking that he was not ready. While he would not say that the exam was easy, he did say that the exam really is based on the exam takers’ stock knowledge and understanding of the subject. You don’t need to memorize any dates in History for example.
  2. Do I need to enroll my kid in a review center? I did enroll him in a review center. On hindsight, I would say that it really is not needed. You can review using online materials at the DepEd Learning Portal or Khan Academy. You can also check out the Reviewer links I have below.
  3. Can I skip reviewing then? Well not really. While the exam was easy for Anakin, I heard some feedback that there were kids who had a hard time. I think this mostly had to do with outlook and belief. If you set a schedule for reviewing, making sure that you cover the basics, this will lessen the pressure on the students and they will perform better. I wanted to add that reviewing with someone added tons of confidence for Anakin before taking the exam.
  4. What language is the PEPT Examination? This is a  common question. The language for the elementary PEPT depends on the subject – English would be in English but subjects are mostly in Filipino. This is a problem with a lot of children taking PEPT as most are English speakers. There were some instances when the proctor is amenable to translate for the kids but on his other exams, Anakin said that some proctors are “masungit”. It has something to do with the rules of the exam so take heart. As much as possible, practice the kids in Filipino.
  5. How long is the exam? Each subject is alloted 30 minutes with 20 questions each.


If you need more information on the requirements and schedule for PEPT, please check my other post for PEPT here: PEPT Test Schedule and PEPT Reviewer for High School. 

Here is the guideline for reviewing for elementary provided by Deped. Click this link 👉 ELEMENTARY PEPT Reviewer

Just click the link then save the PDF file on your computer. It is arranged per subject so #1 is for Grade 1, etc. Leave a message if you have questions!


Here are links to MSA Reviewers that we also used extensively for reviewing (MSA is the review center that we enrolled in). If you’re interested, these workbooks are great to partner with online reviewing  A workbook costs P350 each.:

Grade 1 PEPT Reviewer

Grade 2 PEPT Reviewer

Grade 3 PEPT Reviewer

Grade 4 PEPT Reviewer

Grade 5 PEPT Reviewer


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