How to prevent soggy sandwiches and burgers

Moisture moisture moisture. The enemy of a great burger is moisture. You send a burger to work with your husband or a sandwich to school with your children and they come home with the sandwich and burgers uneaten. What a heartbreak. Think of all the children in Timbuktu!

It was fine when you sent it but it got soggy before being eaten. What’s a mom to do? As with anything, prevention is the best cure.

Here are a couple of tips to prevent soggy sandwiches and burgers for either merienda or lunch.

Tips to prevent soggy sandwiches and burgers

  1. Choose the best bread. Crusty breads will do fine. But for burgers and sandwiches, it is better to toast your bun. Toasting your bun gives you an added layer of protection against moisture.
  2. Add a thin layer of butter on the bread.
  3. Add condiments -mayo, ketchup, or mustard in between cheeses or meat.
  4. Dab meats with paper towel to remove oil or extra moisture.
  5. Put ingredients that tends to get wet in the middle, like tomatoes. and veggies.
  6. Use cheese and lettuce as moisture barriers.
  7. Wrap in parchment paper, tissue or sandwich wrapper before putting in resealable plastic bag or container to catch the extra moisture especially if the sandwich was still hot when packed.

Do you have any tips you can add to this list?

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