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In Love with Cacao Nibs

I like chocolates. And I like to feel healthy. Hmm, is it a contradiction?
Chocolates are rich in mood enhancing theobromine, age reversing anti-oxidants, flavanoids, and other minerals. That’s the same thing with cacao nibs. It’s just on its much purer form free from over-processing,  sugar, and other additives so most of its nutrients are left undamaged and intact.
The lack of processing makes slightly bitter though and a little bit nutty.  The flavor takes a little getting used to, and there are certainly a wide range of qualities of nibs (as there are with anything). If you’re already a chocolate lover, chances are you’ll be into nibs. You can mix them to smoothies,  or eat it as a healthy snack. I like mine as candied nibs. Just melt sugar then toss in the nibs. Panutsa anyone?

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