Study with us at Quipper! Grade 4 Elementary PEPT Reviewer

A lot of moms are asking me at the PEPT Test Reviewer for Elementary, for help in making a reviewer. I dont have a reviewer but I do have a Quipper class where you can do the lessons and quizzes. The Quipper library is a great option for homeschoolers and PEPT reviewers that follows the DEPED curriculum. We’ve been using it ever since we started homeschooling but it is only now that I thought to share it in the blog.

Here’s how you can review (or help your child review) for your elementary PEPT exam using the Quipper school. Follow the step by step instructions below. I made a Grade 4  Elementary PEPT reviewer for us so we can study together and not feel like you are alone in studying. I’ll make other grades/classes as we go along.

  1. Create a student account at: Make sure to bookmark this for future use. Also, write down your username and password somewhere safe so you dont forget it.
  2. Click Join New Class.

3. Enter Class Code: RFXM3EN

4. Select the courses to start studying, learning and reviewing for your PEPT!

5. Occasionally, I will send assignments. Feel free to answer them!

If you’re only reviewing, don’t take too long on a subject and attempt to finish a lesson in under 10 – 15 minutes. Set a timer for yourself. This way you can review 4-6 subjects in an hour or two. If you review every day, you will be done reviewing in no time at all!

Feel free to ask a question in the message bar, if I can answer it, I will. Otherwise, I’ll try and point you to somewhere where you can get the answer.

UPDATE: 6/10/2018

I’ve had requests for other grades as well. Here’s what we have so far! Same instruction as above, just use the new codes for enrolling in other grades.

G6 –  N5F456A

G9 – MW8D5X7

G10 -5TN97EL

6 thoughts on “Study with us at Quipper! Grade 4 Elementary PEPT Reviewer

  1. Jun DeLa Peña says:

    Hi, we’ve been using Quipper for sometime for my daughter. But recently i cant start a new class. Do i need to be affiliated to a local school for me to get access. Would really be great for this June 10 exam

    • April Pagaling says:

      Im not sure Sir Jun. They changed it a bit since I last visited. You’re welcome to join our class if you want. Just let me know what Grade.

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  3. Mika Cruz says:

    Hi! I love your blog. It’s really helpful for my little brothers. However, can you also accommodate classes for grades 1 to 3, and grades 9 -12? It would really be of great help to us if you can! Thank you, April!

    • April Pagaling says:

      There’s some for Senior High School but so far none for 1 -3. Im currently working on Kinder, since my youngest is Kinder but it take a bit of time per grade. Maybe Ill do it by year. Sorry!

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