How to Make Deliciously Fragrant Nasi Lemak in your Rice Cooker

How to Make Deliciously Fragrant Nasi Lemak in your Rice Cooker 2

#CookingUpIslandBliss: Making Nasi Lemak in your Rice Cooker As relaxing Sundays go on this tropical island where I live, preparing nasi lemak in your trusty rice cooker has to be one of the simplest ways to start off the week with style. The fragrant aroma of pandan-scented rice, tantalizing chili paste, and freshly cooked anchovies […]

Quick and Easy Claypot Chicken Rice in the Imarflex Turbo Cooker

Claypot Chicken Rice

Well, I know it’s not cooked in a clay pot, like in those traditional Chinese restaurants. I attempted this Claypot Chicken Rice on an Imarflex Turbo Cooker. The Turbo Cooker is the Filipino version of the American Instant Pot. It’s a multi-cooker which means you can cook assorted types of food on it and can […]

How to Cook Tinolang Manok – Chicken Tinola With Papaya Recipe

How to Cook Tinolang Manok - Chicken Tinola With Papaya Recipe 3

Chicken Tinola is all things the American chicken soup must be for the Filipino soul. During rainy days or cold nights, this is the perfect soup to cure loneliness, common colds, and existential angst. The tinola or chicken tinola soup is a traditional chicken Filipino soup cooked in ginger. Added with chunks of papaya and […]

Kinulob Na Manok (Whole Stewed Chicken)

Kinulob na Manok

Kinulob na Manok is a well known comfort food and can bring memories of home and perfect for family gatherings. If the Koreans have their Samgyetang or Ginseng Chicken, we have Kinulob na Manok. Kinulob in this context means forced cooking and covered tightly. This is our very own version of pressurized cooking in the […]

Fried Chicken Ala Max, Easier Shortcut Max Fried Chicken Edition

fried chicken ala max recipe

Learn how to cook a quick-er Fried Chicken Ala Max! This iconic Max fried chicken, born out of Max Restaurant and remembered fondly by several generations is a very simple fried chicken dish the Filipinos love. Before the Jolibee and Mcdo era, I remember Sundays, going to the Church then Max for lunch. Fried Chicken […]

How to cook Adobong Manok

How to cook Adobong Manok 4

There’s adobo, and there’s adobo, my mom would say. So welcome to the world of adobo, a beloved and flavorful Filipino dish that will surely win your taste buds over! In this guide, It’s easy to learn how to cook Adobong Manok. In this article, I’ll take you through the art of cooking adobo, blending […]

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