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Quick and Easy Claypot Chicken Rice in the Imarflex Turbo Cooker

Claypot Chicken Rice
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Well, I know it’s not cooked in a clay pot, like in those traditional Chinese restaurants. I attempted this Claypot Chicken Rice on an Imarflex Turbo Cooker. The Turbo Cooker is the Filipino version of the American Instant Pot. It’s a multi-cooker which means you can cook assorted types of food on it and can replace your rice cooker, stovetop pressure cooker, slow cooker, oven, and even your Turbo Broiler.

If you’ve been dreaming of buying all those kitchen appliances but haven’t yet, try the Imarflex Turbo Cooker. Imagine all the savings you can get. 🤑 See my initial Multi Cooker Review here. Or you can check other multi-cooker reviews to see which one you like. Or do the whole nine yards of instant pot or multi-cooker like what I did. I chose this one because the price wins! 👌

I just got it, and I love it so much. I’ll be attempting to build a bit of a collection of Turbo Cooker chicken recipes and other Turbo Cooker recipes so this is a start for Instant Pot Filipino Recipes!

(PS, is it really instant? You’d notice that I am sauteing on this recipe and doing things you’d normally do in regular cooking. So no, it’s not really instant in that sense. It’s instant as compared to cooking for hours and hours tho.

Imarflex Turbo Cooker

I’ve been missing going out to my favorite Chinese restaurants because we can’t go out at will due to the pandemic. And because I was also very busy teaching my kid at home, I decided to make this Claypot Chicken Rice at home. It’s a one-pot dish. You can saute on the Turbo Cooker then add the rice later. There’s no saute function on the Imarflex, and I’m testing on using the other functions in order to satisfy the need. (I used the Stew function on this one.)

If you don’t have a Turbo Cooker, I figure you can use the rice cooker so you now have a Rice Cooker Claypot Chicken Rice version hehe. But you would have to do a two-step. Start by sauteing the chicken on the stovetop before putting it on the rice cooker. Skipping this step is a deal-breaker for me as you can’t “sangkutsa” the chicken in ginger to take away the fishiness.

Ps, I also did a Kiampong in a Turbo Rice Cooker here if you’re keen to check it out!

Quick and Easy Claypot Chicken Rice in the Imarflex Turbo Cooker 1

It was nothing to go to market for but it was yummy enough to satisfy our cravings. I served it alongside pancit guisado and Lechon Macau (cooked in the Air Fryer which Ill share soon too!). The only thing missing is the “tutong” (burnt rice) at the bottom. Which, admittedly kind of defines the definitive Claypot Chicken Rice.

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