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tikoy sa latik -tikoy recipe

Tikoy sa Latik Recipe -Tikoy with a Twist! 

The Chinese New Year is coming up again and if you’re like me, you’ll have dozens of Tikoy in the refrigerator before the end of February. We usually have them traditionally on the Chinese New Year but we have so much leftover and we have…

Slow Cooked Hongkong Style Pork Roast - Relax lang Mom Filipino recipe blog

Slow Cooked Hongkong Style Roast Pork Belly 

For an extra scary Halloween, Our menu for today is a putok batok pork recipe. It’s my own version of Hongkong Style Roast Pork Belly, slow cooked to perfection, with a spine tingling melt in your mouth fat. Awooooo! One of the very best things that…

Carbs, Rice and Pasta

Fried Pancit Canton 

I see this Fried Pancit Canton in Chinese Restaurants but either I’m not adventurous enough or there’s just too many choice that I always forget to try this. So yesterday, I was looking for something to cook and found pancit canton in my pantry. I…


Oriental Chicken Dish 

Learn how to make Oriental Chicken Dish. Most ingredients are already in your pantry! Jump to recipe. I was in my favorite favorite place with Anakin, at the grocery and we were buying meat at Monterey. He happened to be at the front of the…

Easy Homemade Siomai

Easy Homemade Siomai 

Do delicious dimsum dumplings.  Jump to the recipe. I made my first Siomai when I was in pregnant for my first child. It was a flat, unaappetizing looking poor thing! My husband said that it tasted great.  So I was happy with that. But memories of…