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tikoy sa latik -tikoy recipe
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The Chinese New Year is coming up again and if you’re like me, who have generous Filipino-Chinese friends, bosses, or colleagues, you’ll have dozens of Tikoy in the refrigerator before the end of February. They love giving away this sticky and sweet glutinous rice as a symbol of prosperity and abundance.

We usually have them traditionally on the Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year) but we always have so much leftover and we have found new ways of enjoying the Tikoy.

Today, I’m sharing a really simple Tikoy Recipe, adapted to the Filipino taste buds. This is best for your leftover tikoy. It’s called Tikoy sa Latik, patterned after Kalamay sa Latik, a specialty glutinous dessert in the Southern Tagalog regions. The kalamay (or in this case, the tikoy) is drenched in sugar syrup then topped with latik and sweet langka. Unfortunately, I have no Langka today, but it’s okay. The tikoy recipe can stand on its own. Maybe you can also add those colored sago for a more festive look.

I learned this Tikoy recipe last year when I was looking for what to do with leftovers Chinese food at the Ifoodala Food Group in Facebook and its been a hit at home so I’m making them again this year. You can have a choice of different colors and flavors. Eng Bee Tin has several. There’s also ube, pandan, sweet corn, and even munggo flavored tikoy.

It’s really good and super easy! The smell of the latik was super awesome as I was making this. My little one, who is not feeling so good today mustered the strength to ask what I was cooking, thank goodness. In reverse, you can also use this recipe for Kalamay sa Latik!

how to prepare tikoy recipe

Happy Chinese New Year! Wish you luck in the Year of the Dog!

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