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8 Foodcart Recipes you can do at home for selling 

  I have collected all my QuickMix Recipes so you can easily see it in one document. I have originally wanted to put this in a downloadable ebook but that takes a bit more time than just putting these together for you. Soon I’ll have them in an…

Home Business

Doing Home Bakeries The Right Way 

Do you like to bake and feed other people? I am a member of so many food groups in Facebook and I am simply amazed at how moms even find the time to cook and home bake bread. If you like to bake and find…

Slow Cooked Spanish Style Adobong Bangus Sardines 

This is a rice busting recipe. So yummy Adobong Bangus is in the house! Perfect for breakfast, Bangus Dip, and Adobong Bangus Sardines Spaghetti. Jump to recipe. I always did the tomato version of this recipe using baby Bangus (by Connnie Veneracion) but have not tried…

Fish and Seafood

Gourmet Tuyo Recipe 

I discovered gourmet tuyo maybe about a decade ago. There was this one stall in Megamall that Paolo would delicately steer me out of every time were passing by. Its called Connies Kitchen and their bottled deli products are just to die for. I used to try and reverse engineer their products all the time. The bottled dulong, bottled daing, tinapa, bangus in corn oil, and of course, the gourmet tuyo.