Gourmet in a Bottle: How To Cook Baby Bangus Sardines For Selling

Baby Bangus Sardines in a bottle!

Cooking baby bangus (milkfish) sardines for selling can be a profitable business venture, especially if you are able to produce high-quality, delicious and well-presented sardines that customers love. So here is a guide on how to cook baby bangus sardines for selling. Bangus is probably one of the cheapest fish in the market here in […]

Gourmet in A Bottle: Gourmet Tuyo Recipe -Step by Step Guide

gourmet tuyo step by step guide

Learn how to make Gourmet Tuyo Recipe (dried herring) with this step-by-step guide for selling and home use with a step by step guide. This is also a great Pinoy Recipe for Christmas gifts! Gourmet Tuyo is a uniquely Philippine cuisine and a staple for Filipino breakfast.  Jump to recipe.  One of my numerous ventures, […]

8 Street Food or Foodcart Recipes you can do at home for selling

foodcart recipes

One of the cool things about us, we love our street foods. Observers often marvel at how we have some kind of street food every 5 meters on the road. And we have lots of varieties too. it can be sweet, salty, may sabaw, with sawsawan, hot, cold -name it, we have it. Here, I have […]

Doing Home Bakeries The Right Way

Doing Home Bakeries The Right Way 8

Do you like to bake and feed other people? I am a member of so many food groups in Facebook and I am simply amazed at how moms even find the time to cook and home bake bread. If you like to bake and find you bake pastries, amazing cakes, sweets, and other goodies, if […]

Slow-Cooked Spanish Style Adobong Bangus Sardines

Slow-Cooked Spanish Style Adobong Bangus Sardines 9

This is a rice busting slow-cooked recipe. So yummy Adobong Bangus is in the house! Perfect for breakfast, Bangus Dip, and Adobong Bangus Sardines Spaghetti. Jump to recipe. I always did the tomato version of this recipe using baby bangus (by Connie Veneracion of Ifoodala Food Group in FB) but have not tried this one […]

Gourmet Tuyo Recipe

Gourmet Tuyo Recipe 10

I discovered gourmet tuyo maybe about a decade ago. There was this one stall in Megamall that Paolo would delicately steer me out of every time were passing by. Its called Connies Kitchen and their bottled deli products are just to die for. I used to try and reverse engineer their products all the time. The bottled dulong, bottled daing, tinapa, bangus in corn oil, and of course, the gourmet tuyo.

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