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Pinoy Style Pork Katsudon 

There are just so many recipes you can do with Katsudon. A couple of recipes back, I wrote Katsu Curry, now we’re on to Pork Katsudon. Pork Katsudon is actually leftover Tonkatsu converted into an egg rice bowl. I first got a taste of pork…


Katsu + Curry = Love 

I’ve written about both Katsudon and Curry before. They’re both Japanese mainstay in my weekly menu.  What happens when you put them together? It’s a marriage of both crunchy and currylicious. It’s comfort food at its finest. So how do you make it? Really, really…


The only Pork Tonkatsu Recipe you’ll ever need 

A tasty and easy Pork Tonkatsu recipe. Trivia. Did you know that ton means pork and katsu means cutlet? So it’s actually redundant if you say pork tonkatsu. But I’m not gonna argue with my waiter when the menu says Pork Tonkatsu haha. My online…

japanese beef curry recipe golden curry

Easy Golden Japanese Beef Curry Recipe 

Easy Golden Japanese Beef Curry Recipe At my place in Kapitolyo Pasig, we have a grocery that sells weird and wonderful things. They have Korean noodles, Thai chillies, Japanese milk tea, etc. One of them is the delicious Golden Beef Curry. If you’re a Japanese…


How to make a Quick and Easy Chicken Teriyaki 

This is an easy chicken recipe that you can do in under 30 minutes. Sometimes, when I’m not into the Fried Chicken mood, or Adobo feels, I end up making this chicken recipe. Today, that’s just what happened. I’m not in the mood to cook…


How to make Vegetable Tempura 

It happens that I cant afford shrimps or prawns for tempura. But when I’m looking for something to pair with fish or any regular pancit, vegetable tempura comes to the rescue.  It’s a great way to add (force) veggies to your kids (and husbands) body…