Easy 5-Ingredient Spam Musubi Recipe for Baon or Kiddie Lunch

spam musubi
Create a delicious and easy Spam Musibi for your next snack! Just 5 ingredients and the ultimate Spam or Maling will do just as fine, and you'll be all set with a great Hawaiian-style snack. No need for a Musubi Maker - use a DIY can molder and you're done!
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Making Spam Musubi – using the ultimate Spam or really, Maling would do just as fine, is really easy and simple. Only 5 ingredients and you’d be all set for a great kiddie lunch or baon for work!

It must be the season -Im so into Hawaiian food these days. You know sometimes I go off tangent with a particular kind of food and recently, it’s Hawaiian food I’m crazy about. Only recently I blogged about Simple Poke Poke Recipe, and now I’m writing about Spam Musubi. So technically, musubi is Japanese in origin. It came from omusubi which is Japanese rice balls. but the addition of Spam made it Hawaiian.

A long time ago, there was this Japanese mom in Hawaii who thought than she can fuse Spam and omusubi together and the snack was born.

Spam is a Hawaiian local favorite, becoming popular after World War II. Spam was brought over from the mainland US for the troops during the war, and the large military presence in Hawaii led to Spam’s widespread local adoption.

Spam musubi is only made of 5 ingredients and so easy to do! And you dont really need a spam musubi maker in order to do this. Just reserve your Spam can, open both sides and use it as your DIY musubi molder. Make sure to be careful with the edge of the can though!  If you’re a bit on the budget, there’s also a Purefoods luncheon meat version that has a square can. The trick really is to find a luncheon meat that has the same shape as the Spam.

Also, in this recipe, I used coke, but you can just as easily use a mixure of sugar, water, and soy sauce. Oyster sauce should be fine to use too! There are no hard rules with Spam Musubi.

The Hawaiian version has furikake, and sometimes, at our local local grocery store there’s this version. Its not really required but its great to sprinkle on top of the spam musubi..

This recipe is great for baon to anywhere or a kiddie lunch idea for your small ones going to school!

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