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How to make tteokbokki (Hot and Spicy Rice Cakes)

how to make tteokbokki -Relax lang Mom Filipino Food Blog and Recipes

I was making my 10 Reasons Why Filipinos Love Korean Dramas, and one of the strong things that drew me in is how they manage to show their culture thru food. Thru Korean Dramas, I managed to have an appetite for Kimchi, Spicy Hot Ramen, Bibimbap, Samgyupsal, Korean Side Dishes, Korean Fried Chicken , Korean […]

Bonchon Chap Chae Recipe Copycat

Try this copycat Bonchon chap chae recipe if you’re craving for some chewy and delicious noodles and a taste of Korean food. It took the United States 50 years to annihilate(!) Filipino culture, now were reaching a point of no return with Korean culture in less than 15 years since the first Kdrama entry to […]

Pinoy Kimchi Recipe: Kung Paanong Gumawa ng Kimchi sa Bahay

Paano Gumawa Ng Kimchi Hindi ko na matandaan kung kelan ako unang na addict sa Kimchi.Simula ba noong manood ako ng mga Korean Drama? O simula nung mahilig ako sa pag fe ferment? Basta me panahon na halos di ako makakain ng walang kimchi. Napakasarap na pampagana at masarap kapartner ng karamihan sa Pinoy food […]

Featured Mom Recipe: Bonchon Soy Garlic Chicken Recipe

Cook this delicious and addicting Bonchon Soy Garlic Chicken Recipe at home! Jump to Recipe. This week’s featured recipe is Ms. June Jays Bonchon Soy Garlic Chicken Recipe Food Hack. June is a Baguio based mom and is the woman behind Cheche’s Gourmet Tuyo and Adobo Flakes.  If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that […]

Korean Beef Steak

Korean Beef Steak Some families, they have a passion for everything Mexican. My family, we have a passion for everything Korean. From KDrama to Fashion, to Food. But mostly food. That’s why, in our pantry, we always have Sesame Oil, Sesame, Instant Korean Ramen, and noodles. We love bibimbap, samgyetang, chapchae, Korean Rice Cakes, Korean […]

Yeonyang Hansik at Madison Commons+ How to Make a Simple Bibimbap

Madison Commons, the newest #kapitolyo #foodiehub is now open! Madison Commons, the newest #kapitolyofoodiehub is now open! Madison Commons is the newest Food Park in Kapitolyo, along Brixton St. right after Ace Water Spa and fronting the Pioneer Center. I came to the soft opening of Yeonyang Hansik Korean Cuisine, one of the food stalls at the food park.  I was […]