Seafood Tom Yum


For  #FridayFast and #NoMeatFriday, I prepared a seafood recipe that is familiar to the Filipino palate yet different. It's familiar because it's something like our Sinigang, it's a sour soup. Different because the Thai ingredients

Seafood Tom Yum2020-11-07T20:10:32+08:00

How to cook Adobong Pusit (Recipe)


Since it's Friday (when I cooked this), and we're a bit tired of the usual Ginisang Monggo, I prepared squid instead. (Besides, I saw someone on my Facebook feed with the same lunch and I

How to cook Adobong Pusit (Recipe)2020-01-16T10:34:07+08:00

Chilli Crab Recipe Filipino Style


Chilli Crab Recipe Filipino Style. A seafood bestseller! #sogood #seafoodsaturday One of my favorite things to do on weekends is to go to a Seafood Paluto Market. Whenever I meet with friends, it's no surprise

Chilli Crab Recipe Filipino Style2017-10-30T19:09:51+08:00

Pinoy Shrimp Boil with Peanuts


This one is different. It's not a usual Pinoy Recipe. Though I'm not sure why. We are an archipelago after all, and our seas abound with seafood. Nilagang seafood? The nearest I can think of

Pinoy Shrimp Boil with Peanuts2020-11-07T20:25:22+08:00

Pinoy Clam and Corn Soup


This is a simple Pinoy Clam and Corn soup, not chowder and it doesnt have cream. Which is terrific if you're like me whose trying to lose weight. Truth be told, I only did this

Pinoy Clam and Corn Soup2020-11-07T20:20:59+08:00
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