Calamares Made Simple: Guide to Crispy Fried Squid Bliss

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Dear sweet moms and parents! April here helping you relax into motherhood from my tropical island home.

Today we bring some island flavor and crunch to calamares – crispy fried squid beloved across Filipino tables. This simple snack perfectly encapsulates the unfussy joy of eating with loved ones. I had a recipe here for crispy fried squid but you were telling me that it was too much (it was for a big batch) so here is a recreated recipe to fit a family of four. Though Im telling you, I can eat this Calamares batch alone. 

A humble peasant food once, calamares has risen to iconic status thanks to its addictive texture and umami richness. While oftentimes ordered at restaurants, homemade calamares can be simplified for easy weeknight cooking that still satisfies. it’s actually just crispy squid but my understanding is that calamares are just the rings and does not include the other squid parts like the tentacles and such.

My easy crispy squid or calamares recipe starts with a simple marinade of soy sauce, garlic powder, pepper and chicken or fish bouillon. This infusion of flavor transforms the mild squid while remaining forgiving enough for beginners.

Pro-tip, you can just buy the pre-cut Calamares pieces at your nearest fav grocery!

Moving on, after combining the marinade and letting the squid pieces steep for at least 4 hours, (overnight is always better!) drain and dredge the marinated squid in seasoned four to coat evenly.

The crunchy secret lies in slowly heating oil until a thermometer reaches 325°F – not too hot or the squid will burn, but hot enough for the outside to brown before the inside overcooks. Drop a pinch of flour into the oil. If the flour sizzles and turns brown right away, the oil is ready. Fry in small batches to prevent crowding for maximum crispiness.

Drain the fried calamares on paper towels and immediately sprinkle with flaky salt for an irresistible combination of textures. The flavorful marinade, crunch of breading, and juicy chew of slowly fried squid come together in harmony on your palate.

Here’s the printable recipe!

Calamares is one of those simple snacks that reminds us to savor the small blessings all around – best for eating while watching a movie, as appetizer for those inuman session with friends, or really just to pair with rice for lunch!

I hope this back-to-basics guide to making crispy calamares brings pockets of joy and harmony to your weary table, mama. Please let me know if you’d like me to expand or refine any part of the recipe to better resonate with your family’s taste.

Bask in the boujee,

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