Additional Filipino Thanksgiving 2022 Menu Ideas

Additional Filipino Thanksgiving 2022 Menu Ideas 1

Turkey or Recipes for Chicken? I was looking into my Analytics today, and because Thanksgiving is right around the corner, my other Thanksgiving post is appearing on the radar again. So many things have happened since 2017 that when I look at that menu, it doesn’t seem right. But turkey being the centerpiece of Thanksgiving, […]

Homeschool Project: Thanksgiving Turkey Art

Thanksgiving Turkey Art

How to make Thanksgiving Turkey Art If you’re doing an American unit for your Homeschool World History, a good way to introduce the American Thanksgiving is to make an art project of a turkey. Check the step by step photos below! You will need: Different art papers with different colors Pencil Scissors White cardboard Googly […]

A Filipino Thanksgiving 2017 Menu Ideas

Longganisa Kesong Puti Pandesal Stuffing for Filipino Thanksgiving

The celebration of Thanksgiving, given our colonial history, is a little hard to swallow and celebrate. This is because, like Philippine history, Thanksgiving is also a story of conquest. While subjugation is not my topic today, and I won’t go into specifics, readers probably know the Thanksgiving history and how the British landed (and survived) […]

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