Additional Filipino Thanksgiving 2022 Menu Ideas

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Turkey or Recipes for Chicken?

I was looking into my Analytics today, and because Thanksgiving is right around the corner, my other Thanksgiving post is appearing on the radar again. So many things have happened since 2017 that when I look at that menu, it doesn’t seem right.

But turkey being the centerpiece of Thanksgiving, I’m trying to make a concession – I know I said a lot before about not feeling the Turkey vibes, but in the spirit of being thankful, I thought maybe Roast Chicken will be a great option since they’re on the same family anyway. I realized that while I have so many recipes for chicken, I don’t have a roast chicken on file. I know! Shocker! Chicken is a favorite in the house, and I have so many chicken recipes.

So, getting back to menu ideas, instead of Turkey, we can have a Skillet Roasted Spatchcocked (Butterflied) Lemon Chicken Recipe. It comes with a rice side so you’re covered on that front. This recipe is a favorite in the family and I always make it for special occasions. The salty, lemony skin, the moist tender meat, it’s such a winner, and obviously, we Pinoys always love a bit of that citrusy taste. Plus it’s made with staples everyone has in their pantry. The recipe is originally from Craftsy featured in one of my classes (a bit adapted for Filipino taste and kitchen). 

Why You Should Spatchcock Your Chicken

If you’ve tried cooking your chicken in the oven, you must have experienced uneven cooking. Some parts are dry, and some parts are not cooked right. This is because, as Serious Eats points out, the breast and the legs have to entirely different cooking points.  Spatchcocking your chicken (or butterflying) allows the heat to reach the middle of the chicken at exact points than when you’re cooking your chicken the regular way. Why does this work better than any other method? Well,it turns out that “the breasts lie right in the cooler center, while the legs sit closer to the edge of the pan, where they are exposed to more energy.” Science eh.

What to serve with Skillet Roasted Spatchcocked (Butterflied) Lemon Chicken ?

There are almost endless options when it comes to side dishes for this chicken dish, but since the recipe itself is so simple, I also like to serve something that’s easy to make on the side. It can be paired with anything from a Nicoise Salad. The rice in this Cochinillo recipe would be a good side as well. For a simple side dish, consider going with some baked regular or sweet potatoes on the side and a quick green salad. Since you are baking these in the oven, consider adding some carrots and potatoes for extra salty and lemony vegetables. Lol.

For dessert, this easy Chocolate Mousse Recipe is a good addition to the set.

I use the Lodge Cast Iron for this and while we’re at it, I’d like to share a pretty nifty way to take care of your cast iron. It’s a process but taking care of your cast iron is a good way to make sure that they reach the next generation.

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