Unlimited Roast Beef at Round Table in Kapitolyo ::Kapitolyo Restaurant Review

With all the gatherings and happenings last Christmas season this post got waylaid. The family was suddenly craving roast beef – okay, it might have been due to me mentioning that there’s unlimited roast beef at the Round Table in Kapitolyo. We passed them by several times, but place is very small (capacity is only for 30 people) and it was always full.

They are only open for Lunch at 11AM – 2:30PM and for Dinner at 6PM – 10PM. We went there at night. The decoration was very homey and I loved the ambiance. There were only us that night and it was very cozy. The staff was very friendly and was very diligent in refilling the table. It felt like were having a Christmas party by ourselves!

We were doing a mannequin challenge but I blinked. Ha ha!

We were there Thursday night and since they have themed days, I guess we fell on the Filipino Theme day. There were not a lot of food choices but it was alright since we were actually there for the roast beef.

For starters, they have some Wonton Cups. We had Kare Kare -passable but not that great, Pancit – was okay.  Paolo seemed to like it as he ate a lot, and Nilagang Baka -fantastic, perfect for the cold December night. There were Banana Fritters for dessert and brownies too, It was “sulit” for the price of P295.

The roast was hot, but you have to eat it fast because it was a  bit greasy. Its a tender, fall apart and so savory affair that I wanted to take out the leftovers.

Apart from the roast, I loved the Nilagang Baka. It was so tasty and delicious. The beef was falling apart and yes, I munched on the corn cobs and ate most of them. :P


Anakin was so in love with the Banana Fritters that he asked me to make some at home. Sometimes I forget that my son grew up in Manila and things as common as Kalamay na Saba in my province. I think he ate more of the banana than the roast!

I don’t know who ate the brownies. I was about to say that it was also so-so. Not so amazing but okay, but the evidence against it was overwhelming!


Overall, this place is worth going back for! I’m looking forward to tasting their Italian and Korean days menu. If you’re dropping by, check out their menu at their FB page: @roundtableph.



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