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Discover Delicious Chicken Pastil, also called Pater, A Filipino Muslim Favorite (not to be confused with creamy Chicken Pastel)
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Pastilan ka Darleng! I often hear my Ilongga MIL say this to my father-in-law, sometimes in a half-joking -half annoyed tone. And I wonder if that pastil is related to our recipe today. 

This delicious dish (not to be confused with Chicken Pastel which is a creamy chicken dish) originated from Muslim communities in Mindanao and it’s seriously addicting. I found this online, on one of those bottled artisan shops and I got interested with the concept of a dry “dinilawan” or chicken in turmeric.

Chicken Pastil is basically banana leaves wrapped steamed rice topped with flavorful shredded chicken meat called “kagikit”. A lot of people refer to the shredded meat as pastil but according to a local friend, if it’s only the meat, you call it kagikit. It’s the perfect satisfying meal whether you eat it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Making it at home is so easy too. 

How to cook Chicken Pastil

To start, I boil chicken breast until cooked through. Then I shred it up with my hands. Meanwhile, I saute onions and garlic in oil until fragrant. That’s when the shredded chicken goes in along with soy sauce and turmeric. I let it cook down until the “kagikit” or dried chicken meat is lightly browned and full of flavor. I like to get it a bit of a toasty side -something like the flaked tapa except this one is a bit yellowish with the turmeric. Once it gets to the level where it’s a bit smokey tasting -this is the time when I turn off the fire.

Next is assembling the Pastil. I shape the steamed rice on a plate. Then I top it with the aromatic kagikit (the shredded chicken). You can also wrap it all up in a banana leaf if taking it on the go. I’ve found that this adds an even more mouth watering smell as the smell of the banana leaves combines with the dish, For modern conveniences, packing it up in a lunch box will also be a good option.

I like serving my Chicken Pastil with sliced cucumber or tomato for crunch. Hard-boiled eggs are also a fave protein addition. Don’t forget your spicy condiment too! The original dish is served with a Mindanaoan condiment called Palapa which is a made from finely chopped native onions (called sakurab), ginger, turmeric, and labuyo chili. It adds just the right kick. This condiment is also available to buy online at Lazada or Shopee. You can add green chilies (siling pansigang) or straight-up labuyo if you want.

Give this Chicken Pastil recipe a try, moms. It’s guaranteed to be a hit with the whole family. This easy recipe is just right for a weekend breakfast with the kids. Sarap na sarap sila so I know you will be too! Let me know if you have any other questions! Til next time, relax lang ha? #ChickenPastil #FilipinoMuslimFood #RelaxLangMom

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