Quick and Easy Pork Stew


For lunch, I was looking for a "maiba naman recipe" for pork. I still had a kilo of Adobo cut from Monterey and I saw this pork stew recipe from Aling Oday's. I was actually

Quick and Easy Pork Stew2020-11-07T20:06:03+08:00

Beef Morcon Recipe -Morcon ala Emilia


This Beef Morcon Recipe, lovingly called Morcon ala Emilia is a recipe shared by Chef Myrna Segismundo at the Maya Kitchen Cooking class for the Culinary Elite Series for her December Christmas menu. Beef Morcon

Beef Morcon Recipe -Morcon ala Emilia2021-08-26T12:50:37+08:00

Kinulob Na Manok (Whole Stewed Chicken)


Kinulob na Manok is a well known comfort food and can bring memories of home and perfect for family gatherings. If the Koreans have their Samgyetang or Ginseng Chicken, we have Kinulob na Manok. Kinulob

Kinulob Na Manok (Whole Stewed Chicken)2020-11-07T20:08:14+08:00
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