Coffee Jelly Recipe (Kremdensada Coffee Jelly Version)

Coffee Jelly Recipe

One of my favorite easy dessert recipes to make is Coffee Jelly. Jelly desserts are really easy to make and it really just mixing together and construction. What is a Coffee Jelly? Coffee jelly is a unique Filipino dessert (I think) that is made of jelly or gelatin flavored with coffee. In this recipe, I didn’t […]

Easy and Simple Stress-Free Make-Ahead Homemade Christmas Recipes

Beef Morcon Recipe- Morcon Ala Emilia Filipino Christmas Food

Make-Ahead Homemade Christmas Recipes This Christmas, make it a stress free season together with the LG InstaViewTM Door-in-Door Refrigerator. Entertaining comes easy with the right technological products. No more panicking for Christmas dinner because these classic homemade recipes are Freezable and you can just reheat them on the big day!¬† Bottled Adobo Pate Recipe This […]

Edible Gifts Made with Love

Homemade Adobo Pate - for your Christmas Menu -Bottled Gourmet Fift

What do you give someone who seems to have enough? What do you give someone who you don’t really know? What do you give someone you love to bits? The answer to this is food! if you’re looking for gifts for special occasions such as Christmas, or birthdays, or even just an I’m thinking of […]

Cathedral Jelly Cake -Pinoy Christmas Recipes

Homemade Cathedral Jelly Cake -Pinoy Christmas Recipes

Are you preparing for your Christmas menu yet? Something that we Pinoys always seem to have in the table for Christmas is this Creamy Cathedral Jelly Cake. They’re beautiful and looks amazing. Sometimes, If Im feeling all the the seasons food being abit too much, I just eat this jelly and I am satisfied. I […]

Tsokolate Puto Bumbong -Pinoy Christmas Recipes

Tsokolate Puto Bumbong -Pinoy Christ,mas Recipes

For making memories, nothing beats eating puto bumbong in the early Christmas mornings after the Simbang Gabi. Whenever I think of Christmas food, it is the Pinoy native delicacies that always comes first before the Morcon, or even Kaldereta. When puto bumbong is mentioned, I have this distinct feeling of the wind in my face, and […]

Fruit Dessert for Adults -Pears and Apples Poached in Red Wine

Fruit Dessert for Adults -Pears and Apples Poached in Red Wine 5

One of the things I always get impressed about in food is the ability of others to layer different kinds of food to present a new dish. This¬†Pears and Apples Poached in Red Wine for example. It’s a fruit dessert can definitely stand on its own but added to this Turon and Ice Cream, they […]