Coffee Jelly Recipe (Kremdensada Coffee Jelly Version)

Coffee Jelly Recipe
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One of my favorite easy dessert recipes to make is Coffee Jelly. Jelly desserts are really easy to make and it really just mixing together and construction.

What is a Coffee Jelly?

Coffee jelly is a unique Filipino dessert (I think) that is made of jelly or gelatin flavored with coffee.

In this recipe, I didn’t use all purpose cream and used cornstarch and Angel Kremdensada instead to make it thick and creamy. Yebahh! Kremdensada coffee jelly! You can add cheese if you want that sweet and salty combination. Angel Milk also has a milk with cheese version but I haven’t tried using that yet. (Update – I used it this New Year’s Eve and its great too!)

When using Kremdensada for coffee jelly or other desserts, some people mistake it to be the same as all purpose cream and just dump it on the jelly. This would taste weird so follow along with my steps to make it to avoid disappointments like one of the blogger review I read about. Tastes better and cheaper than all purpose cream!

Angel Kremdensada Recipe

This Kremdensada coffee jelly is really addicting and you’d find yourself gravitating to the refrigerator if you have this. It’s a good pick me up and guaranteed to keep you awake at night! 


Use this coffee jelly recipe for selling! This is actually a “for selling” recipe and you can use it for a coffee jelly cup business. Per cup of jelly is 10 pesos and you can get good money from your sales.

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