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Fruit Dessert for Adults -Pears and Apples Poached in Red Wine

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One of the things I always get impressed about in food is the ability of others to layer different kinds of food to present a new dish.

This Pears and Apples Poached in Red Wine for example. It’s a fruit dessert can definitely stand on its own but added to this Turon and Ice Cream, they are heady and amazing.

If you have a bunch of apples lying around, and no one is eating them -this is a perfect dessert to try. Then just stock on the ref and use as needed.

Not in my house though. Here, apples disappear, and hidden apples also disappear without a trace.

This dessert has wine, I’d give them to kids maybe but just a taste. For adults, knock yourselves off!

Turon -Pears and Apples Poached in Red Wine 1

While it’s not on the official list of the food for the recent The Maya Kitchen Culinary Elite Series for Filipino Flavors of Christmas, I wanted to share this recipe too.

You can replace the apples with guava, which is what Im really excited to try so we can have a Filipino Guava Poached in Red Wine.

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