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Kick Back and Kick Up Your Feet with Some Cajun Shrimp

Tucked away on our island paradise, it’s easy to let the warm tropical breeze lull us into a state of perfect tranquility. But life with kids also means busy weekends and harried weeknights! As parents, we need ways to relax that are simple yet savory. Enter: delicious Cajun shrimp – the perfect pick-me-up for palates and peace of mind.

In the Louisiana Cajun country, shrimp boil is a seasonal pastime to soothe the soul. The flavors are colorful, the mood festive. By bringing a bit of New Orleans flavor to our island home, we can recapture that easygoing spirit each week. Shrimp are easy to handle, fast to cook, and pair perfectly with abundant corn and potatoes. With their kiss of spice and sauce, they’re sure to please even the pickiest of eaters. And cleanup is a cinch compared to other weeknight options!

However, though we have abundant seafood and corn and potatoes, the Cajun spices are a bit hard to access from our island. Enter Sheila Marie’s Cajun Sauce, a Manila-based bottled Cajun sauce that seafood fanatics have started to swear by. This small food entrepreneur has turned her bold family recipe into a favorite for good reason – one taste and you’ll see what all the hype is about.

I first came across Sheila Marie’s sauce online at the Let’s Eat Pare group on Facebook. Intrigued, I picked up a bottle to see what all the fuss was about. Back home, I couldn’t wait to toss my next batch of shrimps, corn, and potatoes in the rich, roux-based sauce. Oh em gee, you guys – the flavors that exploded in my mouth?! From the smoked paprika and chili peppers to the garlic and herbs, every bite felt like an explosion of sweet, spicy, buttery, and salty flavors. The deep, complex flavor managed to shine through even with a mountain of seafood in the pot.

Needless to say, Sheila Marie’s cajun sauce has become a permanent staple in my kitchen. I use it for everything from simple sautés and stews to salad dressings and cajun pasta sauce. But my favorite way to enjoy it is still with a proper seafood boil – there’s just nothing that enhances the fresh sweetness of shellfish quite like this zesty elixir.

Give your next boil some Louisiana lovin’ by picking up a bottle of Shiela Marie Cajun Sauce today. Your crew will thank you! Let me know if you need any tips for throwing the perfect boil.

If you’re not in the Philippines however, you can use other Cajun Sauce or Seasoning, There are a few other top-notch Cajun seasonings I love keeping on hand besides Sheila Marie’s sauce:

Tony Chachere’s Creole Seasoning – This all-purpose blend has been a pantry staple in Louisiana homes for decades. With its perfect balance of salt, pepper, garlic and red pepper, it enhances everything from eggs to seafood. I like to use it as a quick rub on grilled meats as well.

Slap Ya Mama Cajun Seasoning – For an extra kick of heat, this spicy mix is hard to beat. Made with cayenne, paprika and chili peppers, it adds serious flavor to stews, gumbos and veggies on the side. Just a little goes a long way!

Cajun Power Groceries Company Seafood Boil Seasoning – Looking to supersize your boil flavors? This extra-spicy blend with citrus and dill whets your whistle like no other. A generous pour into the pot right before serving creates an explosion of craveable flavors.

McCormick Cajun Seasoning – For those nights when simple will do, this basic seasoning brings the essential bold taste of Louisiana. No frills but big on garlic, red pepper and essential herbs. An everyday workhorse in my kitchen.

Emeril’s Essence or Creole Seasoning – Can’t go wrong with anything bearing Emeril Lagasse’s stamp of approval. His signature blends combine the bacony and the spicy for balanced seasonings that enhance everything from popcorn to potatoes.

Cajun/Creole seafood boils Vs Pinoy-style Cajun Shrimp

While Cajun and Creole cooking is all about the big, flavorful boil, Pinoy-style seafood preparation takes a lighter, more kitchen friendly approach. Where cajun boils are hands-on communal affairs enjoyed outdoors around a steaming pot of shellfish and corn, Philippine cuisine tends to focus more on individual plated meals. Instead of submerging everything in flavor-packed broth, Pinoycooks usually blend fresh seafood with light sauces and complementary vegetables.

Whereas a seafood boil is dumped en masse into boiling seasoned water for a hearty one-pot meal, Pinoy cooks often sauté, bake or stew different types of fish and shellfish separately at a lower temperature to preserve their delicate textures. Rather than relying on heavily spiced boil seasons, Filipino flavors shine through with subtle combinations of calamansi juice, ginger, and sometimes, even coconut milk. Both are immensely satisfying in their own right!

Tips for Easy Entertaining With Pinoy Style Cajun Shrimp:

  • Prep ingredients ahead of time for no-stress cooking. Pre-peel shrimp, cut up potatoes and corn before guests arrive.
  • Choose easy crowd-pleasing side dishes like coleslaw or rice.
  • Set up a DIY toppings bar with sauces, spices, and fresh lemons so everyone can season to taste.
    -Serve family style in large bowls for easy sharing rather than plating individually.
  • Pair with cold beer, cocktails or sangria for laidback island vibes.

And don’t forget – cleanup is a breeze when you let the pot do all the work! With one pot used, there’s no fussing over multiple pans. Just drain out the water, give a quick rinse, and put away.

Now you’re ready to kick up your heels, Pinoy style cajun shrimp style! Bon Appetit and see you on the flip side to dish on how your own Cajun shrimp cookout went. Was it a recipe for relaxation or did hijinks ensue? Share your stories using #IslandJoy – I’d love to hear all about your fun soirées!

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