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Category: Fish and Seafood

Fish and Seafood

Easy Meal: Crispy Squid Recipe 

My family loves anything crispy and fried. This crispy squid would disappear while I’m cooking. So it’s really better to prepare lots so we can still have some to eat after I’m done cooking. Crispy Squid Recipe *This is for a big batch. Great for…

Fish and Seafood

Tinapang Sisig Bangus Recipe 

How to make bangus sisig. This Sisig Bangus Recipe is a very simple recipe and can be made in under 10 minutes. It’s already Tinapa and good on it’s own, why make it into sisig, you ask? A friend just came from Dagupan and brought…

Fish and Seafood

Chilli Crab Recipe Filipino Style 

Chilli Crab Recipe Filipino Style. A seafood bestseller! #sogood #seafoodsaturday One of my favorite things to do on weekends is to go to a Seafood Paluto Market. Whenever I meet with friends, it’s no surprise that we will be meeting at either Seaside Macapagal or…

Fish and Seafood

Tuna Patties with Tomatoes 

One of my early memories of canned tuna is already in college. (I know! I’m always telling you about my food memories haha!) This is because having grown up in an island, it’s a scandal to be buying canned fish. Your neighbors would talk about…

Fish and Seafood

Inihaw na Bangus 

If a Filipino family is going to an outing, most probably, inihaw na bangus would be on the menu. Inihaw na bangus is easy, cheap, and tasty. You can prepare it before hand, throw in a pack with ice, and grill on site. The only…