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Make Spicy Tawilis Sardines with your Pressure Cooker

Have some ready to eat preserved but healthy meal for anyone who’s hungry and needs to eat right now.  Tawilis sardines makes a great Filipino breakfast, you can eat it on its own with mounds of rice, or make it into a spread. You can also use it for a basic Tawilis Pasta. It’s very […]

Spaghetti Negra: Pasta in Black Squid Sauce and Aligue

Since it’s almost Halloween and I was thinking of a recipe that would inspire and give an idea for my mommy friends. I decided on Spaghetti Negra. As black as the night and your teeth when you eat it. Hahahaha. I am a fan of our Cavite squid ink pancit also called pansit pusit or […]

How to cook Niluyahang Balakwit (Seashell Soup Cooked in Ginger)

Balakwit or sikad-sikad in ginger.

What is your favorite Filipino hometown food? Food and recipes that is only available in your hometown that you miss most? In my hometown, there’s kare kare sa dugo, adobo sa dilaw, ginataang sikad sikad, mulawin berries. And a whole lot more. But this is what I miss the most. This is a simple and […]